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Another Bladeguard Veteran Conversion

Another conversion project for my Space Wolf pack. I think I could keep fussing, but I'm throwing in the towel and call him done. 
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Bladeguard Veteran Conversion for Space Wolves

Another Bladeguard Veteran conversion for my Space Wolves is complete! For my money, BGV are one of the best choices for any Space Marine army.  Let me know what you 

November RTT results - thumbs down!

Last weekend I played in an Away Games RTT at the Game CafĂ© in Independence, Missouri, near Kansas City.   I brought my usual Dark Angels Deathwing list and went 1-2. I beat an Imperial Fists player in the first round, I was tabled by Word Bearer and Daemon soup in the second game, and took a frustrating loss against Tyranids in game 3.   All of the players I faced were fine folks, but the third game against the Tyranids only got through 3.5 turns… The game was called just after my charge phase at the bottom of turn 4 and I didn’t get to score and took a 20ish point loss. I think I would have won that game if we played all 5 turns and may have won after 4 if we were allowed to play it out. We had the option of putting it on a clock, but I didn’t bother since we weren’t in the running for the podium, but I should have in hindsight. Also of note, I broke my thumb and index finger on my right had recently and trying roll dice, pick up models and “thumb” through a codex was pain in the … h

Space Wolf Bladeguard Veteran Conversion

I started a new Bladeguard Veterans unit for my Space Wolves. I'm loving the spears and chain and I think the rest of the squad will get them too.  Let me know what you think!

US Open Kansas City Warhammer 40k Recap

I had a marvelous weekend playing at the US Open Warhammer 40k tournament! I met so many cool players, made new friends, and saw some amazing models. I went 5-3 and placed 69th. (I know, I know...) GW knows how to put on a show and this is maybe the best tournament I've ever been to - sorry LVO. The staff were great, well run, little delays, YouTube famous players, and the most amazing swagbag and prize support I've ever seen! My only regret is waiting too long to buy the the Gigantic Squigoth and it was sold out at the store. On the tabletop, I scored wins against Space Wolves, Necrons, Tau (my friend Gabe,) Harlequins, and Custodes.  I lost to Tyranids (by inches!), a mirror match Deathwing, and Ultramarines. My favorite game has to be with Jimmy and his Ultramarines. We pushed our armies and generals to the center of the table and threw down. I killed Roboute Guilliman, Tigurius, a Chaplain, a Techmarine, and three Redemptor Dreadnoughts - and still lost! Jimmy is a fantas

Oldhammer Ork

  This lad has been waiting decades to be painted up for ORKtber! 

Space Wolf Redemptor Dreadnought

I just finished this Redemptor Dreadnought for my custom Space Wolf Great company. Any suggestions for a name? I was thinking, "the Howl" or "Ghost Wolves." It was the first time used only oils to shade and I think it's an improvement for me. Like most models, I spot all of the flaws I missed as soon as I post the photo here...