Sunday, May 20, 2018

Warhammer 40k in the Marvel Universe - including Deadpool

I've mentioned before that I'm a big comic book collector in addition to a miniature war gamer and recently there have been a few borrowed designs from the Warhammer/Warhammer 40k universe showing up in Marvel comics.

First, I saw a Tau Riptide in an issue of Venom (nay Space Venom.)

The recently, we found out that Deadpool is a mini war gamer himself:

I didn't picture Pooly as a Skaven kind of guy, I would have thought he'd play some flavor of Chaos. Or maybe Harlequins.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Army on Parade on Spikey Bits!

I'm busy building out my Salamanders/IG force for some upcoming tournaments and I start second guessing my build and daydream about retooling my Admech.

I did a quick Google search for some color schemes for a Mars/Stygies combined force and I found Spikey Bit's photos of my army from the LVO a couple of years ago!

Pilgrims of Erudition

Spoiler alert: they didn't do well, but I did have fun playing them!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

New Spearhead Detachment

I've just finished painting a detachment that has caused my opponents to rage quit.

My new favorite Warhammer 40k detachment is a Spearhead of Astra Militarum (nay Imperial Guard) Manticores with a Master of Ordnance from the Catachan regiment.

Defending my kitchen counter top, not a jungle.
These guys pump out 2d6 shots of S10 AV -2 carnage. Making them Catachan allows me to re-roll one of the random d6 shots per missile used. Keeping my master of ordnance within 6" of the tanks allows me to reroll 1s to hit.

Needless to say, they rain hell on my opponents and there isn't much they can do to stop it.

How do?
Got Mortarion? Turned to dust.
Got Magnus? I don't even have to see you.
Got giant bugs? Exterminated.

At less than 500 points, I have a hard time finding another formation that can pump this amount of damage that has rules that buff itself as efficiently without spending any command points. It's great against hoards, monsters, Primarchs and armor.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Radio silence and New Space Marine Chapter Conversion

Since switching to my new job with the State, I've had little to no time off for gaming, painting or anything much related to my hobbies. Some days are literally 4:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. with little time for eating or even bathroom breaks. Needless to say, I've not had much time to blog either and I apologize for the silence.

My new job does have a lot of travel time - by plane or car - and that does give me some time to daydream and I have managed to scribble down an idea for a naval/amphibious based Space Marine chapter in the style of a fan Wiki.

I call them, the Sea Wolves!

I've started making a chapter master model from the generic Space Marine Captain. I've given him a peg leg and converted his weapon into a trident-sword. Let me know what you guys think!

warhammer 40k chapter master sea wolves
Peg leg conversion.

trident sea wolves
Relic Blade/power sword trident conversion.

New Chapter Creation: Sea Wolves aka Aquamarines

Founded: 27th Founding – Ultima Founding
Successors of: Unknown
Chapter Master:
Home World: Fleet Based
Fortress: The Ark Imperial
Allies: Imperial Guard
Size: 1,000 Marines
Specialty: Mechanized Assault
Battle Cry: Give no quarter!
Motto: Per Terra Mare Aeram (Land, sea, and air!)

Colors: Teal and white

The Sea Wolves are a codex compliant loyalist chapter of Space Marines who specialize in naval warfare and water-based assault founded during the 27th Founding, known as the “Ultima Founding.” The Chapter was specifically engineered for Marines to have an amphibious gill and lung system to quickly adapt to sea and land combat as well as webbed fingers and toes for added mobility in aquatic environments.

The Sea Wolves, often nicknamed Aquamarines for both their chapter colors and their focus on amphibious combat, are a highly mobile fleet-based Chapter that adhere to old Terran sailing customs and traditions. They are a prideful Chapter that adheres strictly to the Index Astartes with rigid formality but are prone to outbursts of anger when they feel they have been slighted or if their reputation has been shown disrespect. This has also bred a certain amount of superstition within the Chapter and those who do not follow protocol or rituals closely can be ostracized by their own Chapter. However, this behavior has the added benefit of creating a fierce loyalty to their commanders and fellow battle brothers.

Utilizing primarily lighting assault tactics, the Sea Wolves use a variety of mechanized combat craft to move into combat zones quickly and strike where opponents least expect. Small teams of Marines rapidly deploy into combat theaters from fast vehicles masking their approach by using intervening terrain and weather conditions to cover their approach and prefer to work in situations where enemy targets will have difficulty in responding to threats. This predilection for rapid deployment and lighting assault lead some Imperial officials to believe the Sea Wolves are a successor of either White Scars, Space Wolves, or even the Raven Guard chapters.

The Sea Wolves

In the wake of the Abaddon the Despoiler’s 13th Black Crusade, the recently resurrected Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman launched his own Ultima Crusade and founded countless new Space Marine chapters constructed primarily of Primaris Space Marines, including the Sea Wolves.

Guilliman recognized the need for a chapter of Marines that could hold Imperial planets and resources that are primarily covered in aquatic conditions but can quickly adapt to traditional ground-based assaults. He requested that a strain of gene seed be engineered specifically to address the need for amphibious attack from Belisarius Cawl. Cawl created a new gene seed from an unrevealed Primarch to create soldiers with the desired physical traits.

Chapter Doctrine and Culture:

The Sea Wolves Chapter maintain a stringent chain of command and closely follow precepts of the Index Astartes. Sea Wolves rarely use informal names and always address their fellow brothers by rank and name or other honorifics earned during their service. Sea Wolf commanders are strict and do not tolerate insubordination among its ranks and will quickly punish lower ranking brothers who do not follow protocols; even in the most dire of situations.

The rigorous adherence to codes of conduct often leads other Imperial unit to think that the Sea Wolves are a humorless Chapter but the temperament of the battle brothers can vary from Company to Company and even squad to squad. Some “crews” are very informal and are more lax when it comes to appearance and personal behavior and can be quite loud and boisterous by Space Marine standards while other squads can be more solemn and maintain a high level of austerity.

Most Sea Wolves are relatively suppositious compared to other Space Marine chapters and often participate in Chapter-wide rituals for good fortune and warding off bad luck. Many Companies and ship crews have a good luck charm or trinket affixed to their ships or transports to bring good fortune. Others will sing songs, partake in a drink, or touch a holy relic and any misfortune suffered by a crew will be blamed on a lack of performing their ritual.


When initially creating the Sea Wolves Chapter, Guillman drafted Neophyte candidates from the merchant class of the Rogue Trader fleets who already had an understanding of naval combat and took aspirants who had strong beliefs in the chain of command as-well-as members of royal Imperial families.

These Neophytes were then trained in standard Space Marine combat drill and were given additional training on amphibious assault tactics. Neophites must also pass a grueling rite of passage called, “The Long Voyage” before being full members of the Chapter. This arduous challenge tests the aspirant’s physical endurance while they are forced to demonstrate complex skills, including the mastery of traditional weapons and the ability to pilot and operate weapon systems onboard a variety of standard Imperial vehicles while withholding food, water, and sleep for weeks at a time. The actual length of “The Long Voyage” and the skills needed to pass are kept secret but those who pass describe the challenge as both physically and mentally taxing and rumors suggest that the test lasts for weeks or months. Even the augmented bodies of the Space Marines find this trial to be taxing and the success rate is rumored to be in the single digits.

Upon completion of, “The Long Voyage,” Sea Wolves often commemorate the event with ritual tattoos and a period celebration with crewmates before being assigned to their regular company assignments.

Home world:
The Sea Wolves are a fleet-based Chapter and do not count any single planet home. Instead, vessels in the Sea Wolves fleet gather in close proximity to their flag ship, “the Ark Imperial” in a constantly evolving flotilla.

Fortress Monastery:
The Gloriana-Class Battleship, “Ark Imperial” is the flagship of the Sea Wolves and serves as a Fortress Monastery. All ceremonial events such as promotions and

Chapter Organization:
The Sea Wolves are organized into a standard Space Marine chapter according to the Index Astartes. However, at each level of command in the Chapter has chosen to give themselves unique nick names and monikers. These names are often colorful and are a source of pride to the members. Such emphasis is given to these epithets that members will make flags, tattoos, slogans and bawdy songs to show their pride.

Chapter Badge:

The chapter badge of the Sea Wolves is a gold anchor.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Another Cracking Unboxing Video

While I was mid-journey to visit my genetic forefather and foremother (foreparents?) for the holiday, my frequently-favorite Youtube content creator, the Bard at BardicBroadcasts released a new video for my viewing pleasure; a cracking unboxing video of a Medusa statue based on a "Heavy Metal" cover by Simon Bisley.

I only say, "frequently favorite Youtube content creator" because after each viewing of a Bardic Broadcast, the Bard jumps back to the top of my list of videos I tell others about.

Unfortunately, as time slips by and as I watch an endless amount of batreps, tutorials, videos of pandas rolling, or raccoons doing cute things with their bandit-like hands, I tend to forget how much I love the Bard's videos. Perhaps if he generated the volume of content that other more bloated channels produce, the Bard wouldn't slip so far out of mind. Perhaps it's the longing for new Bard content that makes me impatient with anticipation for more eloquent and impassioned critiques from behind his bristling, Odin-like beard.

If I had the means, I'd send the Bard items to unbox just so I could see videos of him unboxing them.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Adeptus Mechanicus - Monkey Wrench in the Plans

Since the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex has been released, I think I've only won a couple of games.

I recently played my buddy Ryan against his Astra Militarum and Lamenters force and was thumped fairly soundly.

I went first, I had Cawl leading my men from Mars, and seemingly had the deck stacked in my favor, but I think I killed one Primarius Lieutenant and about six IG guardsmen. Ryan's cannons sounded my troops crumbled. Gun line versus gun line, I did not do well.

Yar. Maybe because I still haven't finished painting my robots?

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Death to Tyrants - or Where's the Beef?

Over the past week, there has been a lot of drama around several "pro fans" in the Magic the Gathering community which was largely ignited between a cosplayer and a MTG centered Youtube channel host and now that drama seems to be bleeding into the Warhammer 40k Youtube-space.

MtG cosplayer, Christine Sprankle, said she was leaving the hobby after being harassed by Jeremy Hambly from Unsleeved Media/ MTGHeadquarters for some of the horrible things he said in posts about her. In a show of solidarity, others fighting for social justice in support of Sprankle have flagged Jeremy and Unsleeved at every opportunity for his harassment.

The end result is that Jeremy has been handed a lifetime ban from Wizards of the Coast for his behavior. Needless to say this is a big blow to his business, he's lost a lot of fans, and what I presume is sizable income source, and he's been fighting back in some posts on his channels. From the clips that I've watched, he argues that he was unfairly judged because he was just joking and the punishment is too heavy handed for what he felt were memes. From what I've seen, those "jokes" were really crude and lascivious and I think way beyond trolling and not really funny at all. 

Until the headlines popped up on Redit about Unsleeved's ban, I didn't know who Sprankle was (other than I recognized a few photos of her in costume) and I was only aware of Jeremy as another Youtube hobbyist who I didn't really enjoy watching.

Was Jeremy wrong? Yes. Was the punishment severe? Yes. Was the trolling aimed at Sprankle fair? No. Is what happened to Jeremy fair? I think so. 

Death to Tyrants.  

Now, it appears that this argument has leaked into the Warhammer 40k Youtube community.

Arch Warhammer created a post about the MTG community drama and had a warning that this same sort of thing could happen within the miniature gaming community. "Bro-hammer" is a real thing, and like me, Arch Warhammer has heard a lot of nasty things out of mini gamer's mouths and he warns that GW could drop a ban-hammer on content creators for their harassment or other tasteless "humor." 

Spikey Bits weighed in on Arch's post and flamed him for being, "triggered," and threw some shade for being a, "social warrior." Spikey Bits didn't even get Arch's name right...

Now Commissar Gamza weighed in and called out Spikey Bits. 

Arch Warhammer responded too:

I don't want to get political but I simply don't watch the "bro-hammer" channels for batreps or painting tips. I don't think that stuff is funny and I'm glad that trolls are getting their comeuppance and a taste of their own medicine. 

Why don't we see this in British Youtube channels?