Thursday, December 28, 2017

Another Cracking Unboxing Video

While I was mid-journey to visit my genetic forefather and foremother (foreparents?) for the holiday, my frequently-favorite Youtube content creator, the Bard at BardicBroadcasts released a new video for my viewing pleasure; a cracking unboxing video of a Medusa statue based on a "Heavy Metal" cover by Simon Bisley.

I only say, "frequently favorite Youtube content creator" because after each viewing of a Bardic Broadcast, the Bard jumps back to the top of my list of videos I tell others about.

Unfortunately, as time slips by and as I watch an endless amount of batreps, tutorials, videos of pandas rolling, or raccoons doing cute things with their bandit-like hands, I tend to forget how much I love the Bard's videos. Perhaps if he generated the volume of content that other more bloated channels produce, the Bard wouldn't slip so far out of mind. Perhaps it's the longing for new Bard content that makes me impatient with anticipation for more eloquent and impassioned critiques from behind his bristling, Odin-like beard.

If I had the means, I'd send the Bard items to unbox just so I could see videos of him unboxing them.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Adeptus Mechanicus - Monkey Wrench in the Plans

Since the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex has been released, I think I've only won a couple of games.

I recently played my buddy Ryan against his Astra Militarum and Lamenters force and was thumped fairly soundly.

I went first, I had Cawl leading my men from Mars, and seemingly had the deck stacked in my favor, but I think I killed one Primarius Lieutenant and about six IG guardsmen. Ryan's cannons sounded my troops crumbled. Gun line versus gun line, I did not do well.

Yar. Maybe because I still haven't finished painting my robots?

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Death to Tyrants - or Where's the Beef?

Over the past week, there has been a lot of drama around several "pro fans" in the Magic the Gathering community which was largely ignited between a cosplayer and a MTG centered Youtube channel host and now that drama seems to be bleeding into the Warhammer 40k Youtube-space.

MtG cosplayer, Christine Sprankle, said she was leaving the hobby after being harassed by Jeremy Hambly from Unsleeved Media/ MTGHeadquarters for some of the horrible things he said in posts about her. In a show of solidarity, others fighting for social justice in support of Sprankle have flagged Jeremy and Unsleeved at every opportunity for his harassment.

The end result is that Jeremy has been handed a lifetime ban from Wizards of the Coast for his behavior. Needless to say this is a big blow to his business, he's lost a lot of fans, and what I presume is sizable income source, and he's been fighting back in some posts on his channels. From the clips that I've watched, he argues that he was unfairly judged because he was just joking and the punishment is too heavy handed for what he felt were memes. From what I've seen, those "jokes" were really crude and lascivious and I think way beyond trolling and not really funny at all. 

Until the headlines popped up on Redit about Unsleeved's ban, I didn't know who Sprankle was (other than I recognized a few photos of her in costume) and I was only aware of Jeremy as another Youtube hobbyist who I didn't really enjoy watching.

Was Jeremy wrong? Yes. Was the punishment severe? Yes. Was the trolling aimed at Sprankle fair? No. Is what happened to Jeremy fair? I think so. 

Death to Tyrants.  

Now, it appears that this argument has leaked into the Warhammer 40k Youtube community.

Arch Warhammer created a post about the MTG community drama and had a warning that this same sort of thing could happen within the miniature gaming community. "Bro-hammer" is a real thing, and like me, Arch Warhammer has heard a lot of nasty things out of mini gamer's mouths and he warns that GW could drop a ban-hammer on content creators for their harassment or other tasteless "humor." 

Spikey Bits weighed in on Arch's post and flamed him for being, "triggered," and threw some shade for being a, "social warrior." Spikey Bits didn't even get Arch's name right...

Now Commissar Gamza weighed in and called out Spikey Bits. 

Arch Warhammer responded too:

I don't want to get political but I simply don't watch the "bro-hammer" channels for batreps or painting tips. I don't think that stuff is funny and I'm glad that trolls are getting their comeuppance and a taste of their own medicine. 

Why don't we see this in British Youtube channels?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Holiday Wish List

Every year, I ask my wife for gaming supplies or models and I rarely get them as gifts for the holidays. The exception is my buddies who understand the hobby/addiction will often give something I need to further my current project.

Here's what I'd like this year:

1. Dice that roll 6s when I want.
2. A Stormraven (or two.)
3. 5 Ork Weirdboys (or weirdboyz.)
4. Blood Angel Horus Heresy figs.
5. 4Ground buildings (something that would fit in WWII or the Grimdark city fight scene)
6. Another Guilliman model to convert into a Sangunious.
7. More time to game.
8. My own Youtube channel to post battle reports.
9. Dice that roll 1s when I want.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Blood Angels!

As I've mentioned before, I really, really want to repaint my Blood Angels as Flesh Tearers. I've stripped the paint off all of my BA models, primed many of them, and now I'm in the process of repainting them as the 5th Company. I probably should wait to until the new codex drops and I can pick the best chapter to paint them as but I love death company and dreadnoughts so the Flesh Tearers makes the most sense. Heck, I've even made an emblem on Call of Duty WWII of the FT buzzsaw symbol.

I've recently switched day jobs and I've been too busy traveling and working the new gig that I haven't had any time to play let alone paint but the Thanksgiving holiday gave me a little time to work on some models.

For the past two days, I've pulled up a TV tray and applied base coats to my Dark Eldar and Flesh Tearers while I watched TV.

Actually, this is a bad idea.

I must have ADD because I just can't focus enough on football or painting to make either really enjoyable. I do much better when I can sit on my desk, maybe listen to an online battle report, and just keep my eyes on the model and not worry if the Chiefs are going to drop another pass or if the Minons are going to say, "bananas" and make me laugh.

I'm pretty excited for the new Blood Angels and I've got the new codex and tactical objective cards on preorder at my FLGS - along with the new Chapter Approved index.

What do I want from the new codex? The list is short:
1. Primaris versions of Death Company.
2. Primaris assault troops.
3. Chapter tactics for the BA successor chapters.
4. Sanguinious.

Here's my wish list for the BA chapter tactics.

Blood Angels - Re-roll 1s in the fight phase
Flesh Tearers - +1 attack on the charge
Blood Drinkers - 6+ FNP
Angels Vermilion - Reroll charges.
Angels Encarmine - Opponents have -1 to hit at 12" or greater
Angels Sanguine -  Charge after falling back.

I know those aren't very well written, but that about as complex as we usually get in our gaming group when we describe our armies to each other.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Thinking about a new army and building lists on paper.

I've been in a rut at work and haven't had much time to paint or read (or do anything fun) but I did manage work up a nasty army on paper. Army building on paper is a lot like catalog shopping; everything is available and nothing is off limits.

I have read a number of the SN Battle reports with the Raptors and I've always kind of liked them... but the last thing I need is another army. Except, I have all of my Primaris Marines. I planned on making them Salamanders but I haven't given them any brush work yet so I may be painting them a different shade of green. I'm trying to justify this to myself since I like most of the armies in the Badab war, the Raven Guard chapter tactics are amazing, and I'm good with green paint.

I've also thought about painting them as Alpha Legion... but they wouldn't have any Primaris troops unless I concoct a shaggy dog story about Guilliman really being Omegron in disguise and this whole return has been a big ruse.

The Flesh Tearers are also an option, but Aramat - the 5th Legion captain that became company commander of the Flesh Tearers in the second founding - basically told Guilliman to take his Index Astartes and shove it so I doubt that the surviving members would take the new troops into their ranks.

I've also thought about White Scars, but they have terrible rules for the Primaris models currently available. 

Anyway, here's the army I've cooked up introducing the Primaris models into my boys from the 18th Legion (or maybe Raptors.) I'm trying to maximize volume of shots, but giving some punch with the master crafted rules for a smattering of lascannons. The Captain and Lieutenant will hang back and act as a poor man Guilliman for about 200 points less. The Librarian and Sternguard will go for a ride in the Storm Raven and pick on what they can in the enemy lines. As an all-comers list, I think it's ok.


Redemptor Dreadnougnt - heavy daka version
Redemptor Dreadnought - heavy daka version
5 Sternguard - 2 heavy flamers

5 Tactical Squad - 1 lascannon
5 Tactical Squad - 1 lascannon
5 Tactical Squad - 1 lascannon

3 Razorbacks with twin assault cannons
1 Repulsor Transport - various weapons

Storm Raven gunship - with hurricane bolters

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Small Parts

games workshopI'm more than excited for the new Ad Mech err... Adeptus Mechanicus codex coming out soon.

For the first time in the two decades that I've been miniature gaming, I snagged one of the limited edition codexes from Games Workshop. I was never to grab either of the White Scar or Salamander limited edition codexes for 6th and 7th edition and I actually yelled, "Yes!" when I saw that GW had some of the Omnisiah editions still available.

I also picked up a box of Kastelan Robots to bolster my forces. Since I built my ad mech (the Pilgrims of Erudition) around the War Host Convocation, I never picked up the 50s-style robots from space. I know a lot of people don't like the design, but I really dig them... The amount of fire power that two models can dish out with the proper protocols is amazing and I may add two more to my forces.

This afternoon I started putting them together when I ran into one of the more unusual pieces that GW has crafted...

This tiny piece (data drive?) is supposed to inserted into this slot.

kastelan robot model assembly piece chest

I don't know why they made this tiny bit to insert into a slot that is next to three other features that have already been molded onto the model, but OK GW, challenge accepted.

I use my fine snips, delicately sand down the data drive piece, apply the smallest amount of glue ... things are going according to plan. Then I flip the page in the instructions.


Then you are supposed to cover it up?

This bit that I can't figure out why it needs to be two separate pieces gets obscured anyway?

Maybe the modelers are getting paid by the bit?

Oh well. At least I can say my models are complete.

Speaking of small parts...

I haven't post in a while or even played because I have a small part... in a TV broadcast of a 1930s style radio play.

I'm on the left hand side.
I've been part of this troupe for about 7 years and this is my sixth production. We record the show in front of a live studio audience after rehearsing for about a month. Then the show airs locally on our PBS station, then the shows are sold to other PBS stations across the country. Los Angles, Austin, New York... Topeka.

The troupe is called, "The Air Command" and the show is called, "Theatre of the Mind." This year's production is titled, "Curse of the Mummy." Like any theatrical production, it's a large time commitment but it is really a labor of love and I look forward to it every year.