Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Themed armies in 40k

I've always been a big fan of painting models exactly like codex, army book, fluff, and/or real life historical markings and schemes.

I've also been a big fan of, "they're your dolls, painting 'em however you want."

The third choice, however, it to paint them like something else.

I've thought long and hard about painting a Cadian Imperial Guard army up like GI Joe and Cobra. The Cobra half would be a blob squad with a couple of characters like Destro, Cobra Commander, and the Baroness. The Joe half would be veteran squads with heavily converted models to make up all of the "good guys." Duke, Flint, Gung Ho, Snake Eyes, and Beachhead were my favorites. Tunnel Rat too.

I've seen a couple of others before, but I really like the look of this guy's Cobra army:

Cobra Themed GI Joe - Imperial Guard Army

Other cool models I've seen have been the Gundam Tau:

A whole bunch of Avengers:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

40k Deep Thought

I had this thought the other day as I was working on an army list.

What if Detachments and Formations were developed as a deliberate attempt to sabotage "net lists?"

After Games Workshop shut down their own tournament series, lots of armies were built the same way because the independent tourneys published the winning lists online for everyone to mimic.

The proliferation of Formations and all of the new codex specific Detachments could be the way Nottingham has decided to guide players into building lists that are a bit more fluffy and in character. Of course, the cynic in me says it could also just be a simple sales technique to sell more vehicles and models that are slow movers.

Either way, I love the bonuses of the Salamander Flame Strike formation, but I don't really want to take a devastator squad. At least the current rules don't force me to arm them with any actual heavy weapons...

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Astral Claws Tournament Report

Today I played in a 1,500 point Rogue Trader style tournament and did very well. I brought my "Bastards of Badab" Astral Claws army and came in second by getting the most victory points.

I brought a Space Marine biker CAD, a Librarius Conclave all rolling on Telepathy, and a Sky Hammer Annihilation Force with 3 grav and multimeltas in the devastator squads. I switched from White Scars chapter tactics to Ultramarines recently and I'm glad I did. The doctrines, even though I only get to use each one once in this build, have been a big help because I don't need to put librarians with divination nearby.

If this had been a larger point game, I would have brought devastator centurions and because of the Ultramarines Chapter Tactics, I don't need to sink a lot of points into Tigurius. The conclave on bikes usually means that I can throw some sort of protection on the CentsDevs.

In my first battle, I played Eli and his Khorn Daemonkin.

It was Vanguard deployment and Purge the Alien scenario with the three regular secondary objectives. It was a fairly close game but I won by just a couple of points despite losing my Captain to Eli's warlord on a juggernaut in the last turn.

The drop pods from my Sky Hammer Annihilation force and the devastators were the "man of the match" and were just erasing units almost each turn.

In my second game, I played Chase and his nasty Necron decurion force. It was another Vanguard deployment with Deadlock Maelstrom and the Relic and the usual secondary objectives.

Chase's dice were hot all game, I didn't get invisibility, he stole the initiative, and the cards weren't very kind to me either. I don't think I made a single Feel No Pain roll on my command squad, and Chase didn't miss many resurrection rolls.

However, in the first turn, my dev squads dropped in and erased his warlord on a barge. I thought the day was mine but I don't think I was meant to win this game and the fickle hand of fate did me no favors for the rest of the game.

We played down to the wire and "dice down" was called in the bottom of turn 5 during the shooting phase. I was about to charge three Necron warriors that held the Relic with my Captain, Apothecary, and a Librarian on bike. I only needed another 2 minutes and to make a 4-inch charge to swing the battle in my favor, but I lost by 2 points in the end.

In my third game, I played Jordan and his Imperial Fists in a Tactical Escalation and Hammer and Anvil deployment.

Jordan went first and scored First Blood by wiping out a biker unit with an Avenger Gatling cannon on his Imperial Knight. I don't think that squad made a single armor save or Jink before being shot full of lead.

However, the rest of the game my dice were on fire. In my first turn, I knocked half the wounds off his Knight with grav weapons, took out a squad and put his Captain down to one wound and put a serious hurt on the rest of his army.

The battle was back and forth, but I kept getting good draws on my Maelstrom cards and the mobility of bikes and being able to grab objectives at will was earning me a ton of points.

Near the end of the game, Jordan's knight charged my Captain and I managed to dodge and not take a single wound from combat or stomps! In the next phase, my Captain and his power fist punched the Knight to death but took a D-explosion to the face when it went nuclear.

In the next turn, a drop pod made an impossible shot and plunked his Warlord Captain's last wound scoring me a point for Warlord kill and an maelstrom objective card. In the end I won 14-7 but I think if the game was scored by regular kill points, I would have lost.

I gave my gift card I won to my buddy to didn't do as well with his new Ork army. Hopefully he can pick up some reinforcements to fill out his list.

Next month is a 1,000 point-per-player team tournament. I don't have a partner yet, nor an army picked out, but I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Warhammer 40k Old Hammer

One of the many side projects is building a 40k Old Hammer list. I think a Space Marine was among the first minis I ever painted and of course I painted him just like the blue armor and white helmeted chaps on the box.

I still had a handful of the old Rouge Trader models sitting around collecting dust but I recently started assembling an army in earnest about the time the Horus Heresy models from Forge World were released. My plan was to build a real Heresy army out of RT models and I've finally started that ball rolling with these classic minis.

I've got about 2,000 points lined up to build my Ultramarines, complete with Tac squads in rhinos, termies, a librarius conclave, and a land raider. I can almost field a Gladius Strike Force...