Saturday, February 25, 2017

Warhammer 40k Primarch Rumors

There's are a couple of rumors floating around from Games Workshop about new Warhammer 40k rules and models releases; as well as major changes to the fluff.

Rumor 1: All of the Primarchs will return, including the dead.

Rumor 2: One of the traitor Primarchs will become a loyalist and one of the Imperial loyalists will become a traitor.

I got into a discussion with some people on a thread on Spiky Bits' Facebook page about it and here are my theories.

The Emperor will briefly return, only to be killed again. Once he finally dies, all of the pysker souls he's been consuming on the golden throne will coalesce and bring all of the dead primarchs back to life. The missing primarachs will rush back to Holy Terra like moths to a flame. Of course, this means both Horus and Sanguinius have returned as well.

Horus will see the results of his actions and will repent his wicked ways, blame Ebrus/Logar and the Word Bearers for tricking him into corruption and turn to the side of good. He then will wage a new holy war against the other traitors and will probably kill the Chaos god, Slaanesh.

The return to life will not go well for Sanguinius though. The shock of being betrayed by his closest friend, returning to life, and seeing his father die will force him to succumb to the black rage and the Angel will fall to the side of the traitors. The psychic link to his "children" will send all of the Blood Angels into the black rage and they will turn on the Imperium.

That's just my thought.

Most people seem to believe that the Alpha Legion will be the traitors to turn good because they were lead to believe that becoming traitor will help humanity. Some folk also give good odds on Magnus turning to the side of the Imperium because he was basically duped into becoming evil and he was trying to help the whole time.

The Space Wolves seem to lead most theories that they will make a heel-turn and become bad guys. They are one of the more aberrant of the loyalist forces and are already treated with suspicion by their brother legions but I think that's a bit obvious.

I really think the End of Days for the 40k universe will come full circle and end with Horus and Sanguinius.

What do you guys think?

Friday, February 17, 2017

New name?

I was in the shower, where I often do my best thinking, and I thought, "There can be only ones" would make for an awesome blog name...

I like "Look Out Sir" but it's not as catchy.

Friday, February 10, 2017

LVO Results

Last weekend I traveled to the glitzy lights of the Las Vegas strip with my Ad Mech army, the Pilgrims of Erudition, to compete in the Warhammer 40k Championships at the Las Vegas Open.

It has been said that it was the largest miniature war gaming tournament, ever.

I didn't do well.

My first night in Vegas, I got sick. Like, really sick. I've had chronic stomach problems most of my life but this was bad - and not like my usual issues. It wasn't pretty.

I bought some Pepto from gift shop and soldiered on. I even found a few minutes to slip a few bucks into the one armed bandits and didn't walk away any richer and my luck never got better.

The first night I found the main gaming hall. It was huge. I've never seen so many gaming tables since the Texas Wargames Con.

Folks were still setting up until the wee hours of the morning but I got see a few Youtube gaming celebrities, like Dave from, Lawrence from Table Top Tactics, and Ace Face from ... Ace Face.

They were all very nice.

There were a lot of awards to go around. I had dreams of taking a little of of bling back home and I knew my army was strong, but like I said before, I was sick, didn't play well and my dice didn't do me any favors. Dusty Dice strike again.

In the Championship bracket, I only went 2-3-1. In the third day RTT, I went 1-2. Not good at all.


I hardly slept and I had to keep running to the bathroom all tournament long. It was pretty embarrassing.

I did have some fun games despite the losses. In fact, my last loss on the second day was to a guy from Wichita whom I had seen at the Bugeater last year. His pirate Ork army is something to behold.

I thought I had this game won in turn 1, but his dice got hot, red hot, as his stompa's D-ray punked out both my knights and my warlord! He rolled so many 6s in a row... If it was any consolation, he said it was the best he's ever rolled in his life.

In my game that was a draw, I thought I was winning from early on. In the last turn, I blew up a force field generator, which killed my night in the resulting blast, knocking me off the objective giving up the primary mission to my opponent. I didn't lose many things throughout the battle but the game ended up a draw. Yar.

Damn slow Ad Mech.

Honestly, I think my biggest disadvantage was the second knight in the Warhost Convocation. One of the Top 8 players was playing a War Host but brought in a grav-Centurian Devastator squad and a White Scars librarian - one of my armies that I drew up and considered bringing.

MSU and mobility are not under-rated in this format. You've got to move, move, move. Gun lines don't always work. Ask the Tau.

I picked up a few goodies from the Forgeworld table. I snagged a Great Brass Scorpion, a Deredo dreadnought, a leviathan dreadnought, and an event only heresy era Space Marine character with a thunderhammer.

Back to the painting desk to finish off the KDK Heldrake army... or maybe my Rogue Trader Ultramarines, or maybe my Astral Claws... or the dreadnought drop pod army. I've got to focus. The Astral Claws would probably do ok in this format, especially if I run them as White Scars. I've got to have a think and reload for my next tourney.