Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Best way to strip paint from miniatures!

Did you buy some crappy painted minis on eBay or Bartertown and want to strip the paint off and start over? Here's my recommendation to get a fresh start on plastic, metal and even resin models!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Imperial Knights!

I haven't bought an issue of White Dwarf in years but with the teaser images and rule rumors of the Imperial Knights I have read online, I had to pick up the latest issue.

After a quick glance at the rules and fluff, I placed a pre-order for a giant robot of Gothic mayhem!

Not only do the models look amazing, I also like how you can add the Imperial Knights to any army. In fact, they can function as their own army, which I don't think it would fare well, but I love the idea of a titan list with just six models marching across the table, crushing their foes. Normally I build my armies as hoard lists, but it's very tempting to hand over my pay check and scoop up a full "Iron Brotherhood." Maybe the machines will have an insane amount of hull points, like 6 or 8.

However, since I play mostly Imperium armies, just one of these big guys can team up with any of my armies. A red, black and white paint job will also coordinate with just about any of my paint schemes.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun Blood Angels List

For a small tournament next month, I'm thinking of running this fun Blood Angels list.

1 Reclusiarch - Jump pack - melta bomb
27 Death Company - 10 CC weapon and bolter, 12 Power Sword, 5 Power Fist, Jump Packs
1 Furioso Dreadnought - Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod
5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles

It's so crazy it... might... just... work!

The idea came from a forum topic of making the most expensive unit. It was either Death Company or a giant IG blob. In all seriousness, I doubt this list will do well, but it'll be fun.

I don't think it'll stand up against an Eldar Wave Serpent spam list, but I think I might do some damage to most other lists I see in my area. The dread will have to drop and provide some cover for the DC to jump and run their way across the table. I'll try to get the Command Trait of picking night fighting to help out and get some cover saves on top of the FNP.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flesh Hounds and Instant Mold

As I was putting together my daemon army, I picked up some second-hand Chaos Flesh Hounds online. I thought they were a really good deal but when my package arrived, the models turned out to plain chaos hounds. The Games Workshop Flesh Hounds are now up to about $10 a figure and buying blindly off the Internet to save some cash turned out to cost me more in the end.

Then, on, I saw their review of Instant Mold. It's a flexible, reusable molding material that sets in hot water and can be infinitely reused to create molds of small metal and plastic parts. I thought this might just be the ticket to making some "collars" to turn my dogs into Flesh Hounds.

Following instructions, I made mold of an extra collar (or fins) from an actual Flesh Hound model. After letting it cool, it looked like I had a nice mold to make a few extra fins.

I rolled out some Green Stuff into a little ball and pressed it into my fin mold and viola!

As you can see in the photo, the first attempt has a few rounded edges and I think that I may have pressed the collar into the mold too far so I'll take another try after this piece sets and I file it down.

Obviously the facsimile isn't going to have the detail that the original piece had but I think it's good enough to transform my junk models into something useable - it'll certainly look more like a Flesh Hound. 

Now, I just need to figure what my converted models are going to stand on. It appears there is quite a debate online on how Flesh Hounds should be based: horse bases that come with all the models, 40mm terminator bases, or the rounded biker bases. I like the rounded biker bases, but I'll probably stick with the horse bases, chiefly because I have a ton of them laying around.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tournament ReCap

This weekend I played in a small 1,500 tournament and went 1-1-1. I feel like I did much better than my record indicates. I brought my Imperial Guard because my White Scars and Daemons aren't ready for the table top yet.

In my first match up, I faced Marshall, a guy who usually wins most of our local tourneys with his Space Wolves. Instead of his wolves, he brought Tyrnanids that he recently bought from another local gamer. Marshall's dice were hot all game, including spawning the maximum 18 termigants from his Tervigon in the first turn. Despite that, and the fact he went first, I held my own. We played Relic and he quickly swarmed over it, but the gaming time flew by and we only reached the top of turn 3. If I had a chance to take my third turn, I may have been able to pull in a draw, and perhaps even pulled a win in turn 4 or 5 if we had the time to play it out.

My second round opponent was Danny and his Dark Eldar. My IG have always given him fits and today I just had his number. My dice warmed up and my artillery just sat back and plunked his transports early, leaving most of his army left without a ride and trying to run across the battlefield.

My third opponent was Kirk, a veteran player who brought Blood Angels with a couple of Walls of Martyrs. Kirk stole the initiative and blitzed forward. He disabled his landraider loaded with special characters early on and dropped a furioso into my troop line and burned my blob. I fought back, taking out the furioso and slowly disabled his other dreads and remaining troops. Most of the game was spent with both of us throwing haymakers and dishing out lots of punishment but in the end, we each only scored a 3-3 draw. I failed a critical morale test with a squad of veterans who ran off instead of contesting an objective.

Still, I had a great time and I hope I have my Daemons ready for the next tourney.

Here's my list from Saturday:

HQ: Lord Commissar: power sword, camo cloak
HQ: Company Command squad: 3 grenade launchers, officer of the fleet, chimera
1 Platoon Command squad: 3 flamers, melta bomb
1 Infantry platoon: 20 troops including two missile launchers, 2 melta bombs
1 Veteran squad: 3 meltas, chimera, melta bomb
1 Vendetta
1 Lemann Russ with bolter sponsons
2 Basilisks
1 Medusa
1 Defense Line with quad gun.

My tactics:
The Platoon blobbed up and hid behind the defense line with the Commissar and the Commissar's 5 point camo cloak gave the unit a 2+ cover save when they went to ground. The Company Commander ordered them back into action the next turn so the Commissar could fire the quad gun. It's a gimmick trick that I'm sure will be eliminated from the next IG codex.

The Platoon Command Group rode in the Vendetta and would gravchute on objectives and flamer any enemy camping. Plus, they can claim the objective since they are a Troop unit. For a 5 man IG unit, it packs a lot of punch and I'm always surprised how effective these guys are late in the game!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

40k Redacted

On the Bell of Lost Souls forums, someone asked, "If you could change one thing about the game, what would you change."

For me, it's tough to pick one thing to change in Warhammer 40k. I think there are a few things that need some tweaks, like the Allies chart (Grey Knights and Necrons?) or Eldar Waveserpents (a troop transport- is one of the best weapons in the game.)

However, I think I would add the Squat army back into production and in the fluff. I want the ol' Space Dwarfs back in the game, and not just as some Imperial Guard proxy; I want a real list with their own special rules and abilities. Toughness 4, a standard 4+ armor save, and Leadership 9 sounds about right me, maybe throw in some Terminator style armored units as well.

The old models have so much character! It's hard not to like them but I know a few new players who like the Mecha or Chaos armies who think the Squats are just a gag... but I can't help but pick up any models whenever I can.

For Fantasy, I'd 86 the rule about losing standards when you break from combat. Maybe change it to just rank and file models and not Army Standard Bearers. It seems to harsh to lose a valuable model, a chunk of points AND give your opponent more points for a victory condition. I think that's why so many people are building monstrous/elite hoard units with a BSB, and General with Crown of Command. If you don't, you risk too giving up too many elements on a roll of 2d6. I hate to see so many cookie cutter lists with BSB and Crown of Command combo, it's become automatic in the tournament scene.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Beards are Back! New Dwarfs have arrived!

Today, a new batch of Dwarf models have been released from Games Workshop for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

The new models look great! A hammerer/longbeard dual unit, a giant slayer and a new character, Belegar Irongammer. I don't care for the dual unit boxes. I think there should be more difference between units than the tip of the weapon and flag top. This just perpetuates the fluff myth that people can't tell one dwarf from another!

To spruce up your army, you're going to have to put in some time in the gold mine and mint some coin. The characters are $21 for a single plastic model and the unit is $50 for 10 troops.

Traditionally, new models are accompanied by a new army book, but GW has decided to put some special character rules in the revamped White Dwarf and *not* release an army wide update. At least not yet.

There are a bunch of rumors flying around to explain this - everything from no army books in 9th edition, to simply releasing new minis when they are ready to keep some life pumping into old model lines. The latter makes more sense to me, especially when you consider that you'll also need to buy some White Dwarf issues to get all the rules.

On of my employees and I constantly joke at the store about the proper way to pluralize "Dwarf." In the real world, a group of little people are called, "dwarves." However, GW's writers have proclaimed it, "Dwarfs." Barbie and I always over-emphasize the, 'fs.' I guess GW has copywritten, "Dwarf" (with capital D) and thus "Dwarfs" is the plural form.

My other friends taunt my army with slurs of "beardy," "stunty," or "belly-dragger."

Also of note: Magic the Gathering hosts their "Born of the Gods" Prerelease tournaments. Gaming tables everywhere are going to be packed with paper shufflers.