Sunday, October 13, 2013

One of those games...

Saturday I played in a 1,500 point tournament at the Gatekeeper. I thought it was going to be a 2,500 point tourney, but that has been pushed back to November.

Since my Logan Wing list couldn't be taken, I grabbed my Blood Angel Drop Pod list and headed to the store. (1 Chaplain, 1 Death Company, 7 Dreadnoughts in Drop Pods.) I knew I didn't have any scoring units, but since I was disappointed that I couldn't play the list I wanted to, I would just be stomping around for fun.

My first game was against Danny - normally a Dark Eldar player who was playing his new Tau list. It was fairly typical, Longstrike, two Riptides, and the other usual Tau that make up the list. The mission had four objectives so I thought I'd just have to play wipeout - since my vehicles can't contest objectives. Danny and I got in 5 turns and when the dust settled, I got Warlord and First Blood for 2 points. Danny got Linebreaker and couldn't get near the objectives. I won on the lowest scoring match of the tourney!

Dusty Dice flared up in the match again. One of my heavy dreads was in combat with his HQ for four full turns (8 rounds of combat!) and never did a wound. Out of my attacks each round, I always rolled a 1 on one die, and Danny would Feel No Pain the other wounds. Just one of those things I couldn't do a thing about and made us both laugh. Tactically, this was a solid match off between Danny and I and we both enjoyed the game.

The second game was against Dave and his purple Eldar. His army contained lots of Waveserpents, a couple of Fireprisms, a Wraith Knight and a caster zooming around on a jetbike. I got to go first and thought I had him pinned in the corner. My four drop pods spun out of orbit, surrounded Dave's space elves, and three heavy dreads led by a librarian dread failed to score a single wound. I think I may have knocked on hull point off a wave serpent, but then it was a slow bleed for my space vampires for the rest of the game. The amount of anti armor that his army could put out, combined with his agile movement and buffs/debuffs made short work out of my list.

It was a fun game despite the thumping. It was a bad matchup for me but with the amount of Eldar being played, I have to be ready to adapt to this kind of army. My Chaplain has a converted arm so he's holding out a scroll and yelling. Whenever the model got into combat, I would ask Dave if he had a few moments to learn about the Emperor.

My last game was one of those rare games. I played against Mike, who is a new player and was playing Dark Angels after switching from Chaos Marines.

I had my drop pod assault held back and the only thing on the table was my Death Company and Chaplain hiding behind a building. Mike had a Belial list full of termies that was going to be deep striking in and the only unit he had on the table was a unit of three bikes.

My drop pods came down, surrounded the bikes, and in three shots removed them from the table and I won in one half turn.

I can't brag about it since he's Mike's a new guy and he had never faced a drop pod list before, but this was my first half turn sweep. I've only read about them on the internet or seen a couple of Fantasy games that went that way in old editions (including being on the receiving end of a first turn tabling.) Mike laughed about it though and since we had the better part of an hour and a half, we played the rest of the game out.