Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Games Workshop FAQs for Warhammer 40k!

A few new FAQs are out for Warhammer 40k! Some of these barely have any information in them but it does help settle a few rule disputes.

Here are a few links to the Black Library site.


Black Library site with all links

I don't know if this is the work of the new GW CEO, but I like what Games Workshop has been up to lately.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Clipping Forge World Space Marine Should Pads

Here's a little hobby tip on how to properly cut Forge World Space Marine Shoulder Pads from the sprue. While this may seem like a waste of a blog post, I think it may acutally be helpful because the resin from Forge World isn't as easy to work with as the plastic used in regular Citadel miniatures from Games Workshop.

While watching football today, I decided to clip and sand some pre Heresy Forge World MKII space marines. I thought it would be simple work and I was in factory (or assembly line) mode and making quick work through the bag of bits. The home team was winning, I was hyped about the game, and waving super sharp tools around while getting my new models ready for primer.

After clipping, I used a needle file to sand down the seams, flash and rough edges when I discovered that I cut too deep on the shoulder pads and notched the top of the shoulder pads.

Gah! They're ruined! They're expensive! Panic!

What I had done wrong is by placing my wire cutters flush with the back of the shoulder pad, I was actually snapping an extra bit from the front/top of the shoulder pad. This technique works just fine for plastic Space Marine bits, but the extra brittle resin is far less forgiving.

Here's an example of how I was cutting. Don't do this.

What I should have done, is cut the shoulder pad a little above the connection to the sprue, then used a hobby knife to shave off the excess resin down. 

It will take a little extra work, but it'll far less time than having nicked up minis or having to spend another hour or two using green stuff to patch up the gap.

One last tip, be sure to examine your work as your working through your way through a batch of expensive models. Especially if your favorite football team is winning, you're easily distracted, and you have sharp tools in your hand. If not, you'll be spending the next game patching up holes on your tiny little plastic soldiers.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Commissar is Coming!

Now that it's winter, I felt compelled to break out my Valhallan Imperial Guard army and give them some time on the table top.

I put out an open challenge on the Gatekeeper 40k League page and Eric answered the call with this Dark Angel Death Wing list. In addition to lots of termies, Eric brought Ezekiel and Belial!

My list was a simple, shooty-blob army with a Company command squad, two veteran squads in Chimeras, an infantry blob behind a defense line, 2 independent basilisks, a hydra (didn't need the air defense), a Vendetta and few other odds and ends.

Neither of had very good dice during the game. Both my psykers periled themselves to death, but Eric lost a unit of terminators to deepstrike mishap on turn 2. After seven turns of Crusade Maelstrom missions, all Eric had left was Ezekiel. 

The Crusade deployment put us basically playing the long way, which was in my favor. Also, when Belial and his terminators deepstruck behind my lines, I got Prescience off and made my shots rending which whittled his deathstar down to a fraction of their fighting power.

The final game score was 7 to 4 in favor of the IG/AM but we both lost our Warlords. I may tune up this list with a tank commander and a Culexus assassin.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Recent Paint

This holiday weekend, I managed to wrap up a couple of minis from a new army - and a repainted army.

First, here are my Destroyers for my Cult Mechanicus. I've armed them with grave canons and cognis flamers.

Next is their boss, a Tech Priest Domnius.

I really love both of these models, as-well-as the entire Mechcanius line. I may pick up a second Dominus so I can feature both of their heads. I call this one, "Space Pope 13."

My buddy Kraig and I have been talking a lot about the Horus Heresy line. We've never actually played a game from 30k, we just use our models in regular 40k. I've got about $600 worth of heresy marines primed light blue and ready to be finished as Alpha Legion, but as Kraig and I chatted, we both solidified our love for a few other legions. With the Heresy board game being released, it gave Kraig a chance to pick up a Legion army on the cheap (I bought a few of his extras from him) and we decided to start working on a few Drop Site Massacre armies. Kraig is going to paint up Iron Hands and I'm working Salamanders.

Here's my first repaint of a Rogue Trader marine going from light blue primer from Army Painter to Warpstone Green from GW.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tanks-Giving Results

The Tanks-Giving tournament went fairly well and I went 2-1 placing 4th-ish. Marshall went 3-0 winning the tourney's top prize.

I won my first game against Danny and his Tau in a close and nasty slobber-knocker. We played a modified Crusade scenario with 4 objectives in the center of the table and Vanguard deployment. I don't remember the final score, but neither of us had many models left on the table. Danny brought the Tau Ta'unar Supremacy armor super heavy. I was able to tie it up with a librarian and managed to put 5 wounds on it before it finally stomped my model to death.

My second game was a solid loss to Chris and his Tau in a modified Contact Lost scenario. He brought a list that had a Stormsurge and a Ghostkeel unit. He was pretty much in control the whole game and frustrated me with the amount of move, shoot, ignore the rules, and move again shenanigans for which the Tau are known.

In the third match I faced Braden and his Ork and Necron team up in a Tactical Escalation/Relic mash-up. Braden fielded a nasty Forgeworld Ork super heavy tank that was shooting a pie-plate every turn and erasing one or two of my units with a D weapons. I put a hurt on him early and won the game in a lop-sided score, but we played 7 turns and he nearly came back thanks to his flying Necron crescent rolls.

I had a good time but after the third game I realized I forgot to roll my Feel No Pain for Iron Hands the entire tournament. That's what I get for skipping around from army to army and not playing a single force for more than a few weeks in a row.

Quinton won a Betrayal at Calth box set for being the first player to be tabled. I think that was a fun prize for someone who could use a little reinforcements.

Friday, November 20, 2015


I'm playing in my LCS's annual "Tanks-Giving" Warhammer 40k tournament this weekend. It's a 2,500 point tournament with bonuses for bringing as many vehicles and monstrous creatures as possible.

I'm not sure how it will do, but I have 21 "vehicles." I could probably builder a nastier list but I enjoy the fun my drop pod army combined with some regular marines. I've never fielded the Storm Wing before, so we'll see if gaining strafing run is worth 460 points of flyers that I might not normally field.

Also, with the release of the new formations from the Damocles Kauyon book, my White Scars may be taking the field again (luckily on I only repainted one unit as Alpha Legion.) My "40k" marines will be Scars and my 30k list will likely change to Salamanders because it really fits my playstyle better and the Alpha Legion rules require smaller units and a lot more rhinos.

Here's my list:

Space Marines (Combined arms detachment)

Techmarine (120pt.)
Contemptor Dreadnought (185pt.) Multimelta

5x - Tactical Squad (120pt.)
Melta, Rhino

5x - Tactical Squad (120pt.)
Melta, Rhino

Drop Pod (35pt.) Storm bolter;  (for the Contemptor
Relic Sicaran Tank (175pt.) Lascanons

Storm wing

Stormraven Gunship (230pt.) Lascannons, Hurricane bolters
Stormtalon Gunship (115pt.)  assault cannon; Skyhammer missile launcher;
Stormtalon Gunship (115pt.) assault cannon; Skyhammer missile launcher;

Baal Strike Force

Librarian Dreadnought (220pt.)
 Drop Pod                

Librarian Dreadnought (220pt.)
Drop Pod
Death Company Dreadnought (170pt.)
Drop Pod

Furioso Dreadnought (170pt.)
Drop Pod

Furioso Dreadnought (170pt.)
Drop Pod            

Dreadnought (145pt.)
Drop Pod

5x - Scout Squad (60pt.)

5x - Tactical Squad (130pt.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus vs Necrons Warhammer 40k battle report

When I grow up, I want to make battle reports like Winters SEO.

Seriously, this is my favorite bat-rep channel and I really look forward to each of his videos.

Monday, October 19, 2015

On Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Since I went to Austin and played in the 2013 WargamesCon Fantasy tournament, I haven't played a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

It used to be my favorite game.

I had plans to finally paint up my Night Goblin army.

Then, I couldn't find anyone to play.

7th Edition wasn't the most popular edition of Warhammer but it became increasingly hard to find gamers in my area to play and it was even harder to argue that it was a balanced game, or even a good game. The flavor of Warhammer was still at it's core but there were so many rules hangups that favored too few armies that it became a game of asterisks. Oh, we'll you're playing Wood Elves,* you weren't going to win so good job with your loss.

Then came Age of Sigmar.

I want to play a fantasy game but AoS isn't the game. It has a tiny bit of the familiarity of Warhammer Fantasy, but it's a different beast and that's not the kind of beast I want to hitch my wagon. I've purchased the first book and box set and I just can't get into it... It's just too far from the mini game I want to play. I have six Warhammer fantasy armies and I don't want to put any of them on the table under the AoS rules.

What bothers me so much? Don't I want to have fun? Yes, I want to have fun, but I also think a game needs good structure. I don't need a tournament level of structure, but I don't want dancing, mustaches, and wearing hoodies. I want to play war with my dolls and maintain a bit of civility.

While a few people have enjoyed "advancing the story" of Warhammer - myself included - the structure of the Old World is fractured and the flavor of AoS isn't exactly how I wanted things to play out. However, I think I'm most disappointed with the scale of AoS being a skirmish game and not the grand army level of game I enjoyed before. Too few troops, not enough ranks, not enough pawns to be pushed about the board by their commanding toy officers.

You can write me off as an old gamer grumbling about the new game, but I was a big supporter of WHFB when it wasn't a very good game and pushed our local scene with tournaments, leagues and painting contests for more than a decade. Now I don't want to. Is it because I changed or is it because the game changed? I think it's just not the game I want to play.

So, I picked up Kings of War.

I literally bought it tonight after returning home from vacation. It's a bit slimmer than I thought it would be but on first glance, I like what I see. I know you can get the rules online for free, but I one of the things I enjoy about mini gaming is having a rule book. It's one step closer to a video game with having rules on my phone, laptop or tablet- which if fine for a video game- but just not proper for a table top game.

I recently read that one of the Warhammer Fantasy tournament circuits (I'm not a part of this group) has voted to move from 7th Edition to Kings of War instead of AoS. That's quite a recommendation and I look forward to calling up my old Fantasy-playing friends and seeing if they fancy a game.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Space Marines - "Ushering" in a New Chapter

I've grown a little bored with my White Scars. They're hard to paint and I get a little anxiety when I think about how many bikes I have left to paint. Plus, they've lost a little of their punch in the new Space Marine codex because they don't receive the extra bonus to their jink save.

But you know who does get that extra bit of cover save? Raven Guard. At least in the first turn...

One of the radio plays I'm in this year is "Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe. Last year's radio play featured three Poe stories, "Cask of Amontillado," "Tell-tale Heart," and "The Black Cat" so I have had a steady diet of gothic imagery from Poe that obviously inspired the Raven Guard. In fact, I have named my Blood Angel dreads after a few Poe characters and I've thought of painting a standard after the Montresor family crest from "Cask."

While at rehearsal (and when my roles are not being rehearsed) I've daydreamed some conversion ideas, army lists, and paint schemes. I think I'm going to use some high elf feathers as a kind of purity seal...

I like fluffy lists and I can't think of a more Raven Guard centric formation that the uber-powerful "Skyhammer Annihilation Force."
Obviously, the assault troops are well within theme and adding drop pods to dev squads makes them feel more in character as well. Adding the Raven Guard rule that jump pack units get to reroll wounds on their hammer of wrath hits really makes this a very attractive formation to field.

Best of all, I find that black is a fun color to paint.

Since a lot of my Scars only have little paint on top of white primer, repainting them won't be a problem. I've never really painted very pale/white skin before, but I don't really see that as a problem. In fact, painting everything in black and white might be a cool look.

Converting my Scars to Ravens seems like an easy swap and an upgrade in tactics. Win-win.

For my 30k Alpha Legion, I purchased a Sicaran Relic tank and assembled it this weekend.

Normally, there's a little bit of flash to scape and sand but this model was very clean. However, I did have a few warped pieces. The baseplate on the main hull was a little off kilter and the two autocannons were less than straight.

The nice thing is, those problems are easily fixed. I microwaved a mug of water for two minutes, gave the piece a quick bath, then gently bent them back into proper shape. The base plate was easy but the guns took two dips in hot water to get it right.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

WIP and ETC Championships

After giving up on my idea of an Imperial Knight army, I'm not sure if I'll sell off my current models or just hang onto them and use them for allies in large point games. I always regret selling most of the models I do get rid of and end up buying more models back.

I've started rehearsal on a new set of radio plays that will be recorded in a September so I haven't had much time this week or last to work on minis or play any games. However, today rehearsal was canceled so I had a little time to work on my loyalist Alpha Legion. Half the army will be for 30k and I'm also making a significantly sized 40k army out of the unpainted marines I had laying around.

Here are some of my Centurion Devastators I've started working on, maybe 50% completed.

I've seen Mark Raley's per-heresy Alpha Legion and I fell in love with the lighter blue/azure color scheme. You can find more of his awesome work at: Marc Raley's Blog

The Europeans seem to dominate the Americans in 40k at the ETC. However, I was pleased to see the list that won was very similar to a list I play, the CentStar.

The ETC format doesn't seem to allow Forgeworld rules - and I really prefer that - and here is the winning list:

ETC Primary Detachment (CAD): Codex Grey Knights, Faction Grey Knights
HQ1-Warlord: Librarian (110): Nemesis Daemon Hammer (5), Psyker ML3 (25) [140]
TROOP1: Strike Squad [110]
TROOP2: Strike Squad [110]
HEAVY SUPPORT1: Nemesis Dreadknight (130): Gatling Psilincer (30), Heavy Psycannon (35), Nemesis Daemon Hammer (5), Personal Teleporter (30) [230]
HEAVY SUPPORT2: Nemesis Dreadknight (130): Gatling Psilincer (30), Heavy Psycannon (35), Nemesis Daemon Hammer (5),Personal Teleporter (30) [230]
HEAVY SUPPORT3: Nemesis Dreadknight (130): Heavy Incinerator (20), Heavy Psycannon (35), Nemesis Greatsword (10),Personal Teleporter (30 )[225]
LOW1: Kaldor Draigo [245]
Total ETC Primary Detachment: 1290 pts
ETC Secondary Detachment (Allied Detachment): Codex Space Marines, Faction Space Marines
HQ2: Chief Librarian Tigurius [165]
TROOP3: Scout Squad (55): Bolter (0) [55]
HEAVY SUPPORT4: Centurion Devastator Squad (190): additional Centurion (60), Omniscope (10), 4 Grav-cannon and grav-amp (80), Hurricane Bolter (0) [340]
Total ETC Secondary Detachment: 560 pts
Total Army Points: 1850

Like I said before, I'm running a similar list with only three CentDevs, and a few other cosmetic differences. It makes me feel pretty good that so similar a list can do well in better hands.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rules in Novels for Black Library

When you look at the recent moves by GW with Age of Sigmar and the alterations to 40k with additions like formations, allies changes, rules appearing in White Dwarf or if you make a purchase on the GW website, and a lack of FAQs, it appears that there seems to be an effort to make the game a "forged narrative" and not a game for hard-core tournament players. Heck, even GW canceled the 'ard Boyz tournaments a couple years back.

I can only assume that this is an effort to make the game more accessible to new players and the "beer and pretzel" gamers whom can be easily turned off by the "Win At All Costs" or WAC players.

The Black Library, and specifically the Horus Heresy series, have fueled a lot of sales minis from Forgeworld and sparked a 30k scene. Personally, I know that I've started armies and purchased more minis because I read a cool story and felt compelled to play that army. The Horus Heresy series from Forgeworld are not only gorgeous rule books but they give players a few named characters to add to their forces. However, not every character makes it from the printed novel to the table top.

One thing I'd like to see are some rules for special characters, scenarios, and formations from the novel series printed in the back of the book.

For example, in the back of Horus Rising, points and rules for the mega arachnids could be printed. Maybe two different units and a scenario. A little treat for the faithful readers to help bridge the printed word to the gaming table.

I don't think this game breaking, but it would be another level of immersion into the series. Who knows, perhaps Remembrancers will get some neat rules and folded into someone's Eldar Wraith list, or added to a Gladius Strike Force?

Just my two cents and a wish list.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

40k Imperial Knights

Here's a WIP shot of my Imperial Knights; Errant, Paladin, and Crusader.

I have most of the colors blocked out and I'll move on to weathering, shading and dirt after I finish the last of the leg grieves and pads.

However, it turns out, I don't really like playing Imperial Knights.

I've been running just three with a librarian coven on bikes to give them invisibility and any other support telepathy can offer. It's a gross combo, but it's just not fun to play. In maelstrom missions, I actually do ok, or at least I've been pretty lucky with my draws.

Obviously, the librarians are the first to bite the dust. I did have a single psyker jink his way past 14-15 wounds in a row in a game last night. He finally fell after the third round of shooting attacks, but I wouldn't say that three lords of war and an overpowered formation fit my play style.

I like troops. I like lots of troops.

I think if I field these again, I'll just use them as support for my IG, Marines, or upcoming AdMech.

Monday, August 3, 2015

AdMech and the robots from Mars!

As I have mentioned before, I have army ADD. I see new and shiny things and I run to the ATM and place orders at my local comic and game shop.

My next obsession is AdMech with the Adeptus Mechanicus and their very powerful War Convocation formation.

For the current Warhammer 40k league I’m playing in, I painted up my three Imperial Knights from AdMech loyalist houses (pics coming soon.) I picked up the Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus codexes so that I could fill out my remaining points with some more troops from Mars.

At first, I was going to just add some inexpensive Skitarii Vanguard to help hold some objectives. However, after reading some more from the Cult Mechanicus list, I fell in love with the Kataphron Destroyers with their relentless grav-cannons. They lack the nifty model design of the Skitarii, but their firepower is so over-the-top that they make a very attractive option.

After a little more research, I found the Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation formation in White Dwarf 69 and it blew my mind. A multi army themed formation that gets upgrades for free and plasma doesn’t overheat, among other bonuses.

There is a tiny amount of room for improvements in an 1,850 point game so I started list building.

Here’s my all AdMech list:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WIP Relic Marker and Japanese Bolt Action

Here are a couple of shots from my painting desk.

First up is my Japanese Bolt Action army. I'm almost up to 1,000 points based and ready for the spray can. Since these fellows won't be my primary Bolt Action army, I'm just going to use the Army Painter spray cans, pick out skin and few weapons by brush, then brush on inks for a quick and simple paint job.

This is a Relic objective marker I made for Warhammer 40k. It's an icon bit from the Imperial bastion with a Dark Angel icon glued to the top. I'll touch up the paint a little more before giving it a coat of matte sealer.

Also, I recently picked up a proper air brush, the Badger 105 Patriot. I've started doing a few test models and I think I've got my technique down for painting power swords/force weapons; I'll post some pics soon. Also, I've got shading white down for my White Scar bikes. Again, I'll post some pics soon but I'm pleased with how the shading on the bikes has worked out. I'm not as crazy how the airbrush shading looks on the trooper, but I'll save some time on the bikes.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Last Three 40k Games

In my last three 40k games, I played some of the best players in our area and I went 2-1; almost 3 for 3 with my Grey Knights.

In a game against Marshall - who may be one of the best 40k players I know, I nearly tabled him on Thursday in a Maelstrom mission. I had a few units left, and he was down to a Space Wolf drop pod and an Iron Hands captain with one wound. The final score was 8-7 in Marshall's favor and one more turn might have won me the game.

In my first game this afternoon, Jim and his Eldar conceded the game at the top of turn 4. I was picking up an average amount of Maelstrom points but I was rolling well to wound. Jim's dice were very unkind and he was getting rightfully frustrated. He doesn't seem to like it, but his deepstriking falcons with Dire Avenger passengers is a nasty, nasty unit.

I played Jesse and his Harlequins in my third game and tabled him in turn 6 or 7. I was rolling hot on my Maelstrom mission points, but he hung in there with a solitaire and another troupe shredding to ribbons everything they ran against. At one point, the solitaire used his special ability to run 24 inches, then charge another 11 inches into a 5-man strike squad. I actually put two wounds on the guy with overwatch but all of the brother knights were dead before they could swing.

I've had a harder time this league than the past league but my luck really turned around lately and it was nice to play well against some of our best players. I know this sounds like bragging - and it probably is a little, but I'm getting solid results with the Grey Knights.

I've been playing a strict CAD with three dreadknights or two dreadknights and a stormraven. The third dreadknight is really tough for my opponents to handle and it doesn't make me many friends but I'm not fielding Dragio any just a single Librarian in the HQ. No other named characters, no named wargear.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Have 40k, Will Travel

Later this summer I'll be traveling to Austin, Texas for the 2015 Wargames Con.

This event is now going to be run by the fine folks at Front Line Gaming and is now part of the ITC circuit.

While I would love to travel to more 40k tourney's, it can be a bit pricey. I'm able to go to Texas because I can stay with my sister and cash in my airline mileage point to score free plane tickets for my wife and myself.

However, I'm trying to find a way to make it LVO this November, and perhaps the BAO.

For my army, I think I'll bring my Grey Knights as my primary army. I'm a bit stuck on what I should bring for my allies - because you're not cool if you don't bring a second formation anymore.

The list I've been toying around with in the local 40k League looks something like this:

10 Strike Squad - Halberd, Thunder Hammer, Psycannon (usually combat squaded)
10 Strike Squad - Halberd, Thunder Hammer, Psycannon (usually combat squaded)
7 Terminators - Halberd, Thunder Hammer, Psycannon
3 Dreadknights - (or sometimes 2 DKs and a Storm Raven)

I've had fairly good success with this list because I've got enough objective secured models that can boost themselves into monstrous creature killing machines and the Dreadknights can teleport to any "X star" threat my opponent brings and either take it out or tie it up for a long time.

That leaves about 350 points to fill out.

Here's what I'm considering:

1. More Grey Knights!
Make the Termies Paladins and add Drago. This would give me another teleporting unit that can tank almost anything. Almost.

2. Blood Angels
I'd have to fiddle with some of the Grey Knight points, but I'd like to get a couple of BA squads in drop pods to roast scouting units, bikers, or pesky drones. A Librarian Dread and a Furioso in drop pods could be nasty too.

3. White Scars
Honestly, I'd like to take White Scars as my primary army and just run bikes with gravity guns all over the place but I don't think I can get my army painted up in time. A Captain on a bike, with a command squad on bikes sporting storm shields is one of my favorite "stars" and I might be able to get enough painted between now and the tourney to play this concept. I could also bring Drago and add some Dev Centurions to follow in the footsteps of some other power gamers.

4. Imperial Knights
I'm ashamed to say that I have two Imperial Knights still in their boxes... I can probably fudge points to make a three Dreadknight, 2 Imperial Knight army that would be nasty, however, I wouldn't be playing to take objectives, I'd just trying to table my opponent. A single Imperial Knight would be nasty too - and would work great both offensively and defensively.

5. Astra Militarium
Adding AMs or Imperial Guard to my Grey Knight army worked great in the previous league, especially against hoard armies like Orks, but I'm not sure it has enough punch to knock out an army of heavy-weights. The guard to give me access to Hydras, or make taking a defense line feasible, so I can potentially weather the flying Tyrant lists but it just doesn't feel competitive enough in my brainstorming.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Game Workshop Ad Mech teasers!

One of the cool things that Games Workshop has been doing lately is producing lots more armies/rules for armies and pumping them out like a machine. Rumors say Ad Mech is next on the tech thralls agenda and I've found a few teaser items from GW and White Dwarfs.

I think all of these look insanely cool. I've never been a fan of the cult of Mars fluff, but I may change my tune after these things are released. I love the gear/Roman helmet plume!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

League Results

The Winter Warhammer 40k League at my local game shop just wrapped up today and I walked away co-champion!
The league counted painting scores as well as win/loss record into the final tally and my painting and generalship was good enough to tie for first place!

It was an escalation league starting at 750 points and ending at 1,500. You could play two games a week and the missions, deployment type and other special rules varied each week. You could also earn points for painting models over the league so I thought it would be a good time to buy and paint some Grey Knights. Unfortunately, painting the Knights is a lot easier than playing them. 

The weeks where we played Maelstrom missions were a struggle for my GKs. I just didn't have enough boots on the ground to hold objectives and earn the precious points. A couple of times I was tabled by the hoard armies - namely Orks and 'Nids. However, I did like the GKs domination of the "magic"/psychic phase but it was never reliable to win games on it's own.

For a couple of games, I brought in some Astra Millitarium allies to help out and add a few more bodies to help secure objectives and that proved to be a great combination. Chimeras with Veteran squads are great objective campers and really helped win a few more games that I think I would have lost with Grey Knights on their own.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Warhammer, 40k and Hobbit FAQs

I just found the FAQs on Games Workshop's site, instead of the Black Library site. I'm not sure when this changed, but here's a link for speedy reference:

Frequently Asked Questions

Or you can search for FAQ in the "Product Search" window.''

Orks, Dark Eldar and Space Wolves got a couple little updates.

I like the 'Download All' button but it would be nice if there was a single PDF document that contains everything.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Finished Terrain - Troops WIP

I finished a quick couple of buildings for 40k and other mini games this evening.

These two pieces are mostly for 40k. The green building was made from the box I received an award in and some balsa wood, a wooden plaque and some bits from a Games Workshop building. The water tank is a coffee can covered in bass or balsa wood strips (lots of them) and the metal rings were made from comic book backing boards.

These two house are usually help make up the battle field for my Bolt Action battles. They are house kits from Plasticville and make great generic cottages/houses for European theater battles. They aren't my best work but I plan on donating them to the store so they are likely to get abused or stolen anyway.

I was in a painting frenzy tonight and I knocked out the first base coat of English Uniform and mud on the bases on 25 British Tommies. Next I plan on assembly painting the green helmets and khaki bits, then each troop will get personal attention when I start working on skin and other details. Still hours and hours of work to go on these guys.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bike Star and Highlander

Last weekend I played in a small, 1,500 point tourney and went 2-1 with my White Scars.

I tabled my buddy Chris' Wolves in round one (I got the jump on him early and it was just too much for him to come back from - not to mention that he couldn't make a 3+ armor or 4+ cover save to save his model's lives.)

My Khans' unit of regular bikers managed to surround his wolf lord in a true "bikestar" formation and take him out as the last model to be removed from the game. Who ever said the Scars were envious of the Wolf?

The second round I was tabled in turn 3 by an Eldar/Dark Eldar player I never played before. He had classic vehicle spam and got the jump on me early. There wasn't much terrain to hide behind and his flyers move to fast anyway. With his high volume of shots, I couldn't make enough saves and he made pretty short work of army. My Khan in that game whiffed twice on two separate charges against wave serpents/falcons with his thunder hammer. That was 10 consecutive rolls of 1 and 2. I dare you to try to duplicate that feat.

In the third round I fought a long and protracted battle with orks. I scratched a 3-2 victory only scoring secondary objectives of Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, and First Blood. The orks got Line Breaker and Slay the Warlord. The ork player was also the only other player who didn't play allies. I really hate allies and it seems like cheating, but I may have to rethink that if I want to play in more competitive environments.

The things I learned: All my gravity weapons are great against elite armies. Mech armies can steal my lunch and I really need to move the Centurions out in these small battles and just take some regular marines in a rhinos with las/plas/melta. I can't seem to find the side of the dice with 6s often enough against armor with my grav guns and it feels like a waste.

I ran into an old roommate recently and we talked about playing some Doomtown and Highlander -just like the old days when we would spend hours playing CCGs in between games of Warhammer Fantasy. So, I hit eBay and picked up a box of Highlander and a lot of Doomtown cards on the cheap and I'm building a couple of decks to relive the old days. I've got Duncan and Richie decks ready to answer the call of the Quickening!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

WIP White Scars and Terrain

Here are a few recent things from my painting desk.

This White Scar biker is almost done. I just need to paint the backpack and glue it on and he's ready to ride for the Emperor and the Khan.

I really, really like my cruddy, battle damaged armor. I didn't think I would, and most of my models have nice, clean parade uniforms, but I enjoy the soot, dirt, and chipped paint look on my Scars.
This hut/shanty house was built from an old Christmas gift box. I glued some bass and balsa wood, along with some wood shingles (to act as wood shingles) and I've got a quick little building that might work in just about any futuristic game or dystopian setting. It'll probably be in my WWII tables as well.

Speaking of WWII, I will never play a FOO in Bolt Action again. In two games today, the artillery barrage drifted back into my opponent's control and destroyed another one of my units or was delayed and then shifted away from my troops three times before crashing harmlessly into an open field. I'll probably field the FOO, because my Brits get him for free (along with an order die) but I'm never going to fire off the barrage because of the downside.