Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I say!

Anyone who knows me, knows that most of my favorite things are British, including the Zulu Wars themed (and festooned with pith helmets) Imperial Guard army - the Praetorians.

I had a Praetorian army when the Armageddon book was first released but due to a shortage of funds and mounting student loan payments, I sold them off. It was one of the worst decisions in my war gaming career. I'm known to have ADD when it comes to army selection and I regularly buy and trade away armies but losing my Praetorians was a huge mistake.

Afterword, I bitched. I moaned. I whined to anyone who would listen. I loved those models. I loved to field them, I loved to paint them. I would even use my various English accents as I played them to the consternation of my opponents.

It turns out, they are quite popular and there weren't a lot of the models made. Anyone with a middle-school economics understanding knows that makes these models expensive. So pricey, you could spell expen$ive with a dollar sign.

I've been on the hunt for replacements for years, but single trooper models were going for as much as $10 - $15. I already have a large Valhallan force and growing Squat IG army but for my birthday this year, I treated myself when a lot of moustachoed metal men appeared on eBay.

I checked the auction nearly daily and sat online as the minutes winded down. In the last two minutes, there was a furious flood of bids to lay claim to the models. In the end, I was the victor and I now had the base for a sizable IG army - unpainted as well!

I've been picking up a few more overpriced models along the way to help fill things out as I need, like melta guns and I've been plotting a few conversions to get the list up to snuff.

I have decided that this will be my masterpiece army. Not only will I paint each and every troop model to a high standard, I will also build the strongest and fiercest IG list possible. These are the models I always wish I played, so this is my Moby Dick.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pre Heresy Death Guard

Big Red's Pre Heresy Death Guard army from Bell of Lost Souls make me want a pre Heresy army of my own. I kind of want Death Guard too, but I'd also like Raven Guard or the much harder to paint, Imperial Fists. I'll likely just expand my Space Wolves though, because, who needs a third Space Marine army?

The Horus Heresy: Betrayal book is fantastic and may be the best product Games Workshop or Forgeworld has ever put out. It's so tempting...