Sunday, March 5, 2017

WIP Drop Pods and Flesh Tearers coming soon!

One of my favorite armies to play is Blood Angels. You can build all sorts of crazy lists, like dreadnoughts in drop pods, Death Company companies, the Golden Host, librarians in dreadnoughts, dreadnought in Relic form... and I find them fairly fun to paint.

When I was at the Las Vegas Open (LVO) this year, I got to chat with famous violinist and Blood Angels enthusiast, Pascal Roggen. Pascal brought a very nasty Blood Angel drop pod list similar to my own Drop Dread army, however, he had added a close-combat build Leviathan and a Relic Deredeo - both in dreadnought drop pods.

It was pretty cool to chat with a famous 40k player and it was nice to pick his brain for a few minutes. One of the things we we spoke about was that dreads and the Golden Host formations teamed up together would make for an awesome 1-2 punch.

When I got back home, I dusted my dreads off of the shelf and I was a little ashamed of my paint jobs on the Drop Dread army. The drop pods had been repainted, some of them four or five times, and it was really looking sloppy so I threw the lot into the paint stripper.

Today I dug them out and took a brush to them to get the many layers of old paint off. I let the models soak a lot longer than I normally would because of the amount of paint, almost a month. As I scrubbed off 10+ years of paint, you could see the layers and armies underneath. Black primer>Ultramarines>Imperial Fists>Blood Angels.

Since I'm starting over on the bulk of the army anyway, I thought I'd take on a new Blood Angel faction - the Flesh Tearers.

I've been torn because I've been thinking about making them all vanilla BAs so they could potentially be used as pre-heresy Blood Angels. I really love the MKIV armor on the BAs, especially the MKIV jump packs, and I think the BAs are going to be top tier in the Horus Heresy but I think the Flesh Tearers would make for a cool scheme to help keep be from getting bored painting red (like my Chaos/Khorne) and I can kit bash a few more "savage" parts into the models so they'll look a lot "less out of the box." I plan on using the FT formation to get as few troops and as many drop pods in the list anyway and nobody around here has FTs so that will also help my figures stand out a bit more.

I'm in the middle of dozen projects already but there's always a bit of fresh energy when scheming and painting a new force.

WARNING: Word to the wise, red paint, like Khorne Red foundation/base paint tends to stain your white tub pink. I had to keep my wife away from the bathroom until I could give it a good scrubbing to hide my evidence.