Monday, January 30, 2017

Tech Priest Dominus WIP

My Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Preist Dominus conversion is almost ready.

I wanted to build M.O.D.O.K. (Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing) from Marvel Comics because he's one of my favorite villains. Tinkering around with some bits I had, I eventually transformed the idea into more of a dark mechanicum tech priest with tentacles in a dreadnought hull.

I've got him almost ready for the LVO; just some cleanup and deepening of shadows. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Las Vegas Open tune-up games

I've done pretty well in my last couple of tune-up games for the Las Vegas Open. A very busy season at work has kept me out of the game room and I'm not getting as much time to fine-tune my force as I would like. I'm also not able to keep painting on my army, but I have managed to get a game against both Jim and Carey recently (Not Jim Carey. That really would have been worth a batrep. I bet he'd play Orks or maybe Chaos...)

First I played Jim's very competitive Tau list with a riptide wing in ITC scenario 4. I had some poor dice all game long but I managed to win by a wide margin by taking the primary, tying on the secondary, and taking all three tertiary objectives. You couldn't tell by my model count though. Jim whittled me down to just a couple of units left on the board; but my Pilgrims of Logic took no prisoners and he didn't have many models left either. 

My most recent game was against Carey and his mostly Nurgle Chaos Daemon army in ITC scenario 1. Carey suffered from rolling high all game. Unfortunately, that meant he lost his plague drone and herald deathstar on a double-six against my one of my Knights.


Plus, he only got invisibility off once all game and lost his general to an explodes result when my dune crawler blew up, wounded Be'lakor on a six, and failed his save on a one.


At the end of the game, he had just one model left, a Nurgle daemon prince hiding in a building, and I had only lost my dune crawler, rust stalkers, and infiltrators. Despite my light casualties, it was a very close game and the only difference was the tertiary objectives.

In both games, I've lost my Infiltrators and Rust Stalkers. I use them fairly aggressively so that the rest of my army doesn't get shot at and I think that's mostly worked as a solid strategy for me. I don't really see them as pawns, because they are so gross in hand-to-had, but they are so fragile that having 2 wounds and FNP doesn't do them any good.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Leak?

Call Mulder and Scully because I want to believe...

Did I just see Warhammer 40k 8th Edition spoilers for flyers? Alert! Alert! Where's the salt?

A poster from Japan posted this image in the Bell of Lost Souls Lounge (their fun name for forums.)

He claimed to be looking for the rules for the Stormhawk but instead found this little gem - which looks like a new rule set for what could be Age of Sigmar-style flyer rules for Warhammer 40k..

There are a few things that are very similar to the current flyer rules and few things very similar to Age of Sigmar. Breaking is something we know about but it looks like Acceleration has been added. Perhaps that an extra move, or switching from Hoover to Zoom mode? There is also a chart for Maneuvers with power settings and Danger rolls. (Danger zone!)

If you make a few leaps in deduction, some of these rules could be used in all vehicles, like Toughness, Structure, Damage control. Basically, I read that as Toughness, Hull points, and Armor Save.

Also of note, some new weapon profiles... and this where things start to look really fishy.

There are a couple of numbers under "Hit Rolls" that seem to be inline with AoS style to hit rolling. Perhaps the number of hit icons is the number of shots the weapons fires?

The weapon profiles seem to have a few stats that seem a bit off. Primarily, the weapon ranges. Some of those seem to be way too short. Perhaps there will be a universal "shortening" of shooty weapons in the game to help the assault armies but those ranges seem way too small and it makes me think this could be a fake.

After getting really excited, I'm starting to think this is a hoax. It's also not in GW's design style. I've been wrong before, but I'm not buying it.

Scully 1, Mulder 0.