Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Game Workshop Ad Mech teasers!

One of the cool things that Games Workshop has been doing lately is producing lots more armies/rules for armies and pumping them out like a machine. Rumors say Ad Mech is next on the tech thralls agenda and I've found a few teaser items from GW and White Dwarfs.

I think all of these look insanely cool. I've never been a fan of the cult of Mars fluff, but I may change my tune after these things are released. I love the gear/Roman helmet plume!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

League Results

The Winter Warhammer 40k League at my local game shop just wrapped up today and I walked away co-champion!
The league counted painting scores as well as win/loss record into the final tally and my painting and generalship was good enough to tie for first place!

It was an escalation league starting at 750 points and ending at 1,500. You could play two games a week and the missions, deployment type and other special rules varied each week. You could also earn points for painting models over the league so I thought it would be a good time to buy and paint some Grey Knights. Unfortunately, painting the Knights is a lot easier than playing them. 

The weeks where we played Maelstrom missions were a struggle for my GKs. I just didn't have enough boots on the ground to hold objectives and earn the precious points. A couple of times I was tabled by the hoard armies - namely Orks and 'Nids. However, I did like the GKs domination of the "magic"/psychic phase but it was never reliable to win games on it's own.

For a couple of games, I brought in some Astra Millitarium allies to help out and add a few more bodies to help secure objectives and that proved to be a great combination. Chimeras with Veteran squads are great objective campers and really helped win a few more games that I think I would have lost with Grey Knights on their own.