Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WIP Relic Marker and Japanese Bolt Action

Here are a couple of shots from my painting desk.

First up is my Japanese Bolt Action army. I'm almost up to 1,000 points based and ready for the spray can. Since these fellows won't be my primary Bolt Action army, I'm just going to use the Army Painter spray cans, pick out skin and few weapons by brush, then brush on inks for a quick and simple paint job.

This is a Relic objective marker I made for Warhammer 40k. It's an icon bit from the Imperial bastion with a Dark Angel icon glued to the top. I'll touch up the paint a little more before giving it a coat of matte sealer.

Also, I recently picked up a proper air brush, the Badger 105 Patriot. I've started doing a few test models and I think I've got my technique down for painting power swords/force weapons; I'll post some pics soon. Also, I've got shading white down for my White Scar bikes. Again, I'll post some pics soon but I'm pleased with how the shading on the bikes has worked out. I'm not as crazy how the airbrush shading looks on the trooper, but I'll save some time on the bikes.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Last Three 40k Games

In my last three 40k games, I played some of the best players in our area and I went 2-1; almost 3 for 3 with my Grey Knights.

In a game against Marshall - who may be one of the best 40k players I know, I nearly tabled him on Thursday in a Maelstrom mission. I had a few units left, and he was down to a Space Wolf drop pod and an Iron Hands captain with one wound. The final score was 8-7 in Marshall's favor and one more turn might have won me the game.

In my first game this afternoon, Jim and his Eldar conceded the game at the top of turn 4. I was picking up an average amount of Maelstrom points but I was rolling well to wound. Jim's dice were very unkind and he was getting rightfully frustrated. He doesn't seem to like it, but his deepstriking falcons with Dire Avenger passengers is a nasty, nasty unit.

I played Jesse and his Harlequins in my third game and tabled him in turn 6 or 7. I was rolling hot on my Maelstrom mission points, but he hung in there with a solitaire and another troupe shredding to ribbons everything they ran against. At one point, the solitaire used his special ability to run 24 inches, then charge another 11 inches into a 5-man strike squad. I actually put two wounds on the guy with overwatch but all of the brother knights were dead before they could swing.

I've had a harder time this league than the past league but my luck really turned around lately and it was nice to play well against some of our best players. I know this sounds like bragging - and it probably is a little, but I'm getting solid results with the Grey Knights.

I've been playing a strict CAD with three dreadknights or two dreadknights and a stormraven. The third dreadknight is really tough for my opponents to handle and it doesn't make me many friends but I'm not fielding Dragio any just a single Librarian in the HQ. No other named characters, no named wargear.