Sunday, September 29, 2013

Logan Wing List

I've been list building for a 2,500 point tournament coming up in October. I'm either going to play my IG, Wolves or Blood Angels.

Out of my armies that are in playable condition, the current meta suggests I should run IG with some Wolf allies but I detest allies so I'm going to play a pure list - I just haven't made up my mind which one yet.

 My IG would be fairly standard, lots of mech, lots of troops with a sizable psyker unit that usually catches my opponents off guard. I haven't played them since 5th because I can't cast while in a chimera anymore.

My Blood Angels dreadnought/drop pod army is a lot of fun, but I had an idea to field 30 Death Company with power weapons and power fists. I know they are expensive, but not much can stand up to that... except a lot of barrage weapons first turn.

However, I think I'm going to try the Logan Wing list. Here's roughly what I've got on paper now.

*Run priest - Jaws, Living Lightening
*Wolf Priest

*13 Blood Claws
*4 Wolf Guard Termie units in drop pods:
1 Power Sword
1 Power Claws
1 Power Fist
2 Thunder hammers

*Landraider Crusader
* 2 units of Long Fangs - all missile launchers

*Defence line with gun

The Blood Claws and Priest ride around in the raider, trying to beat up troops while the drop pods deposit termies where they can do the most damage. My long fangs sit behind the fence and shoot while a long fang sgt. shoots the incepting gun. My priest is the wild-card and will bounce around trying to jaws/lightening/force weapon things to death.

It seems a bit short on numbers, but I'm hoping that I can get the first strike off. Usually my opponents will turtle up against this many drop pods and that will help the rest of my army pick their targets a little easier.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Very British Civil War

One of the games that I've been obsesed with, yet can't find an opponent to play is, "1938: A Very British Civil War" from Solway Crafts and Miniatures.

Panzerkaput at Blog Spot describes it as:
VBCW or Very British Civil War is an alternative history created by Messers Jones, Mortimore and Douglas and published by Solway Crafts and Miniatures.

In this scenario Edward VIII refuses to abdicate triggering a constitutional crisis which divides the nation and results in Civil war. As a result instead of going to war in Europe Britain is facing a very British crisis.

 This is just up my alley! British, alternate history, fighting fascists, mustaches...

Basically, Edward the 8th marries his American girlfriend, does not give up the throne and the United Kingdom splits at the seams into civil war. The loyalists to Edward join up with the goosesteppers in Germany, the Reactionaries take up arms to oppose him and support Parliament, the Anglican church doesn't seem to like either side, and an endless list of republics and groups are formed in the middle; who are all fighting to keep the peace. Even groups like unions of miners, or cricket teams join the fight.

It's also open ended to let players create their own bit of history, units, vehicles, and scenarios.

The fine bloggers at Edinburgh Wargames seem to begrudgingly enjoy the setting and have posted some great battle reports.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

1,750 Point Tourney & a new racist

Yesterday I broke out the new Praetorians and took them to a tournament at the Gatekeeper.

1,750 points is an OK limit for the IG. I can easily get my core Troop choices in the list and still have room for the usual tricks. My Blood Angel drop pod army isn't really any good until 1,850 and I had played my Wolves in the last tourney. Plus, I just picked up my favorite flavor of IG so I was thrilled to put my moustachoed models on the table!

Roughly my list:
CCS with grenade launchers (I'm working on some conversions.)
PCS with grenade launchers
30 Man blob with flamers
1 Heavy Weapon squad with las cannons
2 Veteran squads, meltas, chimeras
2 Hydras
2 Basilisks
1Leman Russ (stock)
1 Vendetta
1 Defense line (no gun)

My first opponent was a new guy to the area and he brought his orks. We played the long ways on the table and my barrage weapons were eating him up. However, we only got to the top of turn 4 and he held two more objectives than me for the win. I feel like he slow played to keep me from getting another turn. Before the tournament he made an announcement that as the new guy, he hoped no-one would be a douche to him so I gave him the benefit of the doubt...

My second game was against JP and his Tau. He turtled up on a sky shield and I was able to slowly plunk him off for a victory.

My third game was against another IG player who got to go first. I made the mistake of not putting my hydras in reserve and the first thing he took out was my anti-aircraft shooting. By the time his three vendettas came on the board, I didn't have much left. Terrain was a bit cramped for me as well and I was forced to be bundled up in one area.

1 and 2 but I had a good time.

The new guy making his announcement about not being a douche should have been a warning. I eavesdropped in on his other games (it wasn't hard because he shouted a lot) and most of his dialog centered around the word, "douche." He made it to the final table and I could hear him calling Marshall's army, "douche" frequently. As the game wore on, he started calling models, "jews." At one point, he event said he was going to, "paint a star of David" on a model.

If that guy come back, we're going to have a stern talk about what's acceptable behavior. One peep of anything slightly racist out of him and he's banned.