Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Games Workshop Changes

Games Workshop has recently dipped back into social media and community outreach after several years of going silent and have launched several new pages pages on Facebook, including their Warhammer 40k page.

This is a big deal.

One of the most talked about posts is their call to fans to submit questions for a future FAQ. Among smart-ass jokes, snarky comments, and other general whining, there are some genuine rules questions that players have been struggling to get a clear ruling. ITC has their own interpretations and rulings that most gamers have accepted but getting answers straight from high command will be a positive step forward in both connecting with the gaming community and building a better game.

Personally, I'd like to see some rulings on scouting fortifications, Iron Hands vehicles and chapter tactics, Independent Characters joining formations, and scouting units and their transports with the Strategic Warlord Trait.

I know there's always going to be codex creep and there are a lot of people who are upset that their favorite army is losing the arms race, but Nids, Blood Angel, Dark Eldar, and CSM players will get their updates in due time. Actually, I'd just like to take Eldar, Tau, and a couple of SM units down a peg so that they are in line with the older codexes and 40k doesn't end up like Heroclix and just become a game of ridiculous escalation.

I don't want to appear as a GW apologist, but this is another great step forward for GW since the new CEO took over.

We've already received:

*Expanded the Heresy Era line of minis and rules
*Reintroduced Genestealers, Death Watch, and turned other fluff into playable factions
*Brought back Specialist Games (Necromunda, Blood Bowl, et al.)
*Organized game play (please bring this to FLGS)
*Bundles with some actual savings
*Expanded paint lines, including the oversized ink bottles
*Campaign expansions with new fluff and rules (and story advancement)

I'd love to see 'Ard Boyz brought back (or some sort of tournament schedule) and the Outrider program.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Forgeworld: Win a Titan!

Forge World is holding a contest to win one of four titans! To enter, you have to spend £100 (about $150 USD) and write an essay naming your new titan in 400 words or less. A panel of judges will pick the four best stories and the winners will receive one of the following: a warhound, a reaver, or a warlord titan.

Since I bought my wife an engagement ring and two wedding bands, I almost had her convinced to buy me a Reaver titan in return. I told her it would be an invincible symbol of our love that would shield us from our enemies and everyone would be able to witness our unbeatable bond.

She didn't buy it.

Admittedly, I've been tempted to buy a warhound recently. I wouldn't play with it very often but it's possible to field it in the local tourneys, and there's a certain amount of prestige that comes with owning such a cool model. Of course, I would love to own any of the other titans but they are just so expensive that it's out of my gaming budget. I could sell off a couple of my painted armies and I might be able to pull enough cash together though...

Until then, I'm going to try to win one of the models from Forge World. Here's my story. I'm pretty pleased with my entry and my fingers are crossed. Wish me luck!


Alea Iacta Est meaning, "The dice has been cast," was the last titan to be fabricated before the Adaptus Mechanicus broke into civil war during the Schism of Mars in the early days of the Horus Heresy.

As the infected scrap-code of the traitorous Kelbor-Hal swept through the cities and foundries of the Mechanicum, the un-activated and un-named, "Alea iacta est," still moored in the assembly bay, was spared the effects of the initial digital attack during the "Death of Innocence."

As pandemonium and discord swept across the foundries and forge cities of Mars, surviving tech-priests, servitors, and engineers of the Collegia Titanica were able to enshrine a princeps and crew aboard the uncommissioned titan. Princeps Ansley Arenos and an adhoc crew worked at a feverous pace to make the giant ready for combat and bond Arenos with the machine spirit.

Traditional christening ceremonies and pomp were eschewed in favor of pressing the newly minted behemoth into combat. The colossal machine was painted simply in Legio Tempestus colors without personal heraldry of the pilot or crew. The weed of betrayal was spreading swiftly and with the enemy at the gate and little time to lose, the engineers of the Mechanicum made final preparations as the titan stood on the assembly line.

As traitor forces attacked suspected loyalist forges, heavy casualties were inflicted and confusion reigned. As systems on board the titan came alive, Princeps Arenos, received panicked communiqu├ęs from across the sporadically working vox network asking for aid and information during the opening hours of the Martian civil war. The first words spoken from the Throne Mechanicum by Princeps Arenos to fellow Titan commanders was, "The dice has been cast."

With those words, the giant war machine still warm from the forge, marched into the red dust of Mars to prosecute war against traitors of the Imperium. Fellow commanders dubbed the raw titan, “Alea Inacta Est” to honor prophetic statement from the rookie commander who rushed to their aid in hopes that fresh reinforcements may sway the tide of battle in their favor.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

40k Imperial Knight Commission

My buddy Gabe, commissioned me to paint up an Imperial Knight in the style of Legend of the Five Rings Dragon Clan style.

Here's what I've done:

The lighting is a little harsh, but I think you can make out the shading on the green. I originally tried painting scales using an airbrush and a piece of mesh, but it didn't really look good. I may have used too much paint, but I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.

Gabe put him to good use as an ally for his Grey Knights in the last league at our FLGS and has decided to build a full Knight army. He's hired another local gamer to paint another Knight in another L5R clan and has asked me to paint his third Knight in the Crane clan colors.