Tuesday, November 25, 2014

White Dwarf 44 Preview

The cover from the upcoming White Dwarf 44, featuring the new Blood Angels Captain from the Shield of Baal campaign box set.

Space Vampires: now with fangs!

I've pre-ordered my box set and the Tyranids will be hitting the secondary market shortly after arrival.

This is still my favorite Blood Angel photo though.

Friday, November 21, 2014

More FAQs from Games Workshop!

GW FAQs and Eratta on the Black Library site

Chaos Daemons and Dark Angels have a couple of things cleared up.

Tomorrow I'm playing in a 2,000 point 40k tournament with my White Scars. The tourney is the grand finale to our 12 week on league (or just a regular tournament if you haven't played in the league.)

Here's my list: mono White Scars

Captain - Bike, thunder hammer, storm shield, digital weapons, Strategic Warlord Trait
Command Squad: Bikes, 4 storm shields, 2 grav guns, 2 melta guns, apothecary

Librarian - Level 2 (taking telepathy.)

7 Bikes - 2 grav guns, melta bomb
7 Bikes - 2 grav guns, melta bomb
7 Bikes - 2 grav guns, melta bomb
10 Tactical Squad - plasma gun, lascannon, melta bomb

1 Dreadnought - Multi-melta, heavy flamer, Drop Pod

Land Speeder - Typhoon missile launcher, heavy bolter
Land Speeder - Typhoon missile launcher, heavy bolter

5 Devastator Squad - 4 missile launchers, 4 flack missiles
3 Devastator Centurions - Grav-cannons, Missile Launchers, Omniscope

This, or a variation of this list has served me very well during the regular league. Some might scoff at the dreadnought, but I find the disruption he adds to the list by starting in the backfield takes a lot of heat off the bikes and allows them to get into shooting range.

Also, I could split my force and get some of the same models by taking a second allied detachment, but the purist in me won't allow that kind of shenanigans. It could also be the pride of the White Scars.

I've had mixed success taking the Khan as my warlord. The scout move is nice, but it often backfires or is worthless when I play Necrons who teleport, or Orks and their damn trukks. A regular Captain with command squad or Chapter master, has worked much better for me and helps remind me that this is still a shooty army and not an assault army.