Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blood Angel Drop Pod Dreadnought Army WIP - or - New Idea for Force Weapons

After a challenge from a friend of mine to devise an army with as few models as possible, I picked a list using Blood Angels dreadnoughts and drop pods (I call it Drop Dread). Obviously, I haven't played it yet, and I get flack because of the new "glance to death" rules, but I'm forging on with my space vampires in coffins army. I decided to forgo the usual BA paint scheme and paint them as Angels Sanguine.
I've got:
1 Chaplain
10 Death Company
2 Death Company Dreads
2 Librarian Dreads
1 Furioso
3 Heavy Dreads with Multi-Meltas
8 Drop Pods

Here's my pile of minis as they sit now.

I've got everything cut from the sprues, filed down and assembled up to the point where I want to paint the pieces. These bits are waiting for the weather to warm up and be primed.

I picked up this Forge World dread just because I wanted to paint one. I plan on magnetizing the arms and under-hull weapons. 
Here's one of my heavy dreads that's almost painted.  I'm going with Angels Sanguinious as the color scheme for the regular bits in the army.
Here's something I took a chance on. I wanted my space vampires to include robot wizards, but I don't really care for the halberds that the librarians come with. I ordered a new plastic fire prism bit and I lucked out because the new prism fits perfectly into the halberd harness.
Now I can claim the prism is a force sword, ax or halberd depending on my needs. Plus, I think it's cooler than your average librarian arm! I'll post more pics as I assemble and paint.