Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wargames Con 2013 - the results!

Needless to say, I had a blast at WargamesCon 2013. I hope I can make it again next year!

I went 2-3 but I tied for 1st in sportsmanship and tied for 4th in painting! 

My first game was against a heavy ambushing Beastman list. I was able to hold my own and pick apart most of his units because I was fairly mobile (despite playing dwarfs) and I could pick my fights. He nearly sacked my Anvil of Doom though, but I managed to make a lot of ward saves and never meet a beardy end.

I lost my second game against a very nasty Ogre Kingdoms list. The player looked uncannily like my friend Kyle, so much so I caught myself talking to him like he was my buddy and not another player in a tournament. Along with his nasty list, he had a nasty paint job.

He explained to me that he hated painting and used spray paint to get the job done. (Photo from the fine folks at BOLS.) I enjoy painting so much that I can fathom why someone would do this, but to each their own. The back story is how these guys got too close to the Warp only to end up candy colored...

Anyway, this guy thumped me pretty hard and gave me my first loss. There were a handful of OKs in the tourney, which surprised me because locally, they perform terribly, however, every player had virtually the same list (probably copied from the web) and played fairly well.

My third game was against a Chaos player who had terrible luck, losing some key models to bad Chaosy rolls early in the game. I can't take any credit for the win because his wizards were sucked into the warp so early in the game.

Day 2: 
My fourth game was against a kid playing Lizardmen. In the second turn he lost his mage priest but it didn't phase his army at all. Due to the scenario, I was really limited in the movement phase (and bad charge dice!) and his salamanders scorched the hell out of me! Then my anvil blew up and I was lizard food.

The fifth game was against another Ogre Kingdoms list. The player was from a team that all had matching shirts, were loud for the sake of being loud, and drinking quite a bit. To be honest, I hoped I would not to have to play one of these guys because they were fairly obnoxious. However, when I played this guy, he was polite, friendly and we had a great game. Everything played out fairly evenly most of the game and the victory came down to the last die roll. I beat his giant unit of bulls with my giant unit of longbeards but he rolled a stubborn 10 LD (after I won by 15+!) He had one wound left on the unit of bulls, so not points for me. Yar. Great game though!

All of the scenarios were Austin themed. Battle for the Bat Bridge, Keep Austlund Weird, etc. which I thought was very cool.

There were 36 players in the WHFB group and they handed out door prizes at the end. They had about 30 very nice prizes ranging from prepainted terrain, army boxes, gift certificates... However, I was one of the six that didn't manage to get a door prize. Maybe next year!