Wednesday, November 20, 2013

White Scars

I'm going to start this off by stating that I hate painting white. I also thought motorcycles (nay, "bikes") were pretty lame in a futuristic miniatures game.

There, I wrote it, but I'm going to make myself a liar. 

I'm a sucker for fluff and I've got ADD when it comes to picking, painting and playing armies so it's no surprise to me that when I started reading, "Hunt for Voldorius" that I would start painting/building a White Scars army.

The book is pretty good for a miniature game tie-in. It's not written to the level of an Abnett, Lanning or McNeill, but it's entertaining enough of a read that I can enjoy it as a fun page turner to immerse myself in the hobby lore. It certainly builds character for the White Scars and illustrates how each of the chapters of space knights wear the same armor but can still be distinctive. I particularly enjoy the metaphor speak of the Sons of Chogoris.

Plus, you get to read how the White Scars fist-bump the Raven Guard to take on the big bad guy and how each Marine chapter would tackle the same problem with different tactics; quite literally a black and white difference.

The little guy above is going to be one of my foot-based White Scars and I'm pleased with how the power sword came out. I just need to work on my white shading; but that's improving with each model I paint.