Thursday, January 28, 2016

Da Boyz

My LGS just started a new Warhammer 40k league and I was torn on which army I should play.

I've been in love with "assemble painting" lately and I've been disassembling models to paint the individual parts and reassemble them when I'm done. I have been carefully removing guns and backpacks, riders, and turrets so that I have an easier time of getting a nice even coat of paint and washes on the model. This process has also left new models, like my Ad Mech Skitarii, just sitting in piles waiting to get painted; and unfortunately unplayable.

When I started playing miniature games, I would literally buy models the same day I was going to play them. I had a pair of needle-nosed pliers in my army/tackle box to bend the tabs on metal models and plastic models were mostly one or two pieces and I would slap them together minutes before I played.

With so many of my armies just in components, I didn't have a lot of options on what I could play in the league. I watched a battle report from TableTop Tactics that featured an Ork army similar to mine and I decided to break out my greenskins after nearly a decade of being in the box. They were my first 40k army and are covered in seams and sloppy paint jobs but they still hold a special place in my heart.

I got my first two games in after work Monday and Wednesday. With so much rust and dust, I've had a little trouble with my Death Skull tribe and my first two games in the league have been losses. They have been good, close games but still two "Ls" on my record. The other players in the league have enjoyed seeing my "ancient" "heavy metal" army though. They laugh at the 3-pounds of lead in my dreadnaughts...

My army was built before Lootas were available and I think they will be next purchase if I decide to expand on my boyz. The amount of fire they can put out is amazing and I think they're fairly under-rated in the current meta.

However, I have decided that I'm going to try to limit my painting and focus on my 30k Salamanders and 40k Mechcanicus for the time being so I can start playing them sooner.