Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Warhammer 40k AdMech Mechanicus War Convocation

I'm a bit stumped on which warlord trait table I should roll on for my tech priest Dominus in my AdMech Mechanicus War Convocation.

Normally, for most of my armies, I take a roll (or two) on the Strategic table out of the Basic Rule Book. After a couple of games recently where the warlord trait played no part in the battle, I'm a little undecided on which table I should roll on.

Usually, I keep a couple of units in reserve so I try to land Strategic Genus or Master of Ambush to help get the jump on my opponents but with my Cult Mechanicus and Skitarri, I don't keep much in reserve and I don't want to get most my units that close to the enemy...

That leaves Night Attacker which doesn't do much against most armies, because I can already take ShroudPsalm. Conqueror of Cities is moot because of Dunestrider, and Princeps of Deceit is usually worthless because most things are either immune to pinning, mounted on bikes, or ride in vehicles in the first turn.

That leaves Divide to Conquer, which is often very good but unfortunately is the only "good" choice for me on that chart.

Personal Warlord Traits are all worthless to me because I don't want to be in hand to hand and I have most of the other skills already. Command traits are ok, but half of them are combat oriented and basically grant a few rules from 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles rules for Generals.

So that leaves the Cult Mechanicus traits (which are very similar to the Skitarri warlord traits.) Archeotech Specialist is worthless because I never play with hidden objectives and most tourneys in ITC don't use them in games. Layerd Psalm-code is also already granted to me because of the formation rules for the War Convocation. However, that leaves two-thirds of the chart as being moderately useful for my general. If I stay in character for the army, I should chose the Cult Mech warlord trait list because mathematically it is the best choice for landing a trait that could be effective.

I just wish there was a better, more obvious choice for my Dominus (often called Space Pope 3,000.) I'm never aggressive with him and he prefers to lurk in the backfield protecting his own deployment zone; a bit of a coward really. You can see in the picture how he likes to peer around corners as his Knights advance downfield to take care of business.

What do you guys think? Any other Ad Mech commanders have any suggestions?