Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Very British Civil War

One of the games that I've been obsesed with, yet can't find an opponent to play is, "1938: A Very British Civil War" from Solway Crafts and Miniatures.

Panzerkaput at Blog Spot describes it as:
VBCW or Very British Civil War is an alternative history created by Messers Jones, Mortimore and Douglas and published by Solway Crafts and Miniatures.

In this scenario Edward VIII refuses to abdicate triggering a constitutional crisis which divides the nation and results in Civil war. As a result instead of going to war in Europe Britain is facing a very British crisis.

 This is just up my alley! British, alternate history, fighting fascists, mustaches...

Basically, Edward the 8th marries his American girlfriend, does not give up the throne and the United Kingdom splits at the seams into civil war. The loyalists to Edward join up with the goosesteppers in Germany, the Reactionaries take up arms to oppose him and support Parliament, the Anglican church doesn't seem to like either side, and an endless list of republics and groups are formed in the middle; who are all fighting to keep the peace. Even groups like unions of miners, or cricket teams join the fight.

It's also open ended to let players create their own bit of history, units, vehicles, and scenarios.

The fine bloggers at Edinburgh Wargames seem to begrudgingly enjoy the setting and have posted some great battle reports.