Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blimey, it's the Red Devils!

I had a great holiday! Not only did I spend it with friends and family, but I asked my girlfriend to marry me and she said yes!
I made a comic book about our lives together and asked her to marry me on the last page; which caught her by surprise!

While I've been able to woo her into the exciting world of comic books, getting her to play any table top game has been pretty difficult. As crafty as she is, I figured she would enjoy painting or the modeling portion of the hobby, but alas, she has no interest.

A much less exciting gift this holiday season was my first blister of Bolt Action minis from Warlord Games. After deciding to pick up conflicting armies to duke it out on the fields of WWII, Kraig made the first move and gifted me the first pack of lead. Kraig will take the side of ze Germans and I will pick up the Union Jack.

We've both been pretty impressed by the rules but we haven't actually played any games yet. Like I wrote, the British Airborne blister is just the first blister in my army. Of course, my scouring of the Internet has only fueled my interest in the game and it's hard not to dive in head first and pick up 2,000 points before I've even rolled a die.