Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Loser

I've always enjoyed the expression, "Second place is the first loser." However, yesterday I took second place in the small point Warhammer 40k tournament and I'm fairly pleased despite not taking the top slot.

We had 8 players show with a wide range of players from tourney veterans to beer-and-pretzel guys, beginners, and old timers who haven't played in a while.

In the first game, my IG squared off against Jason's Chaos Warriors. I got to go first and shelled him pretty hard with the Lemann Russ and Basilisk. I also didn't deviate in the first two turns and effectively took him out of the game early and I felt bad that my dice were so hot.

Next I faced Michael and his Chaos Warriors with about the same results as Jason.

In the third round, I took on Jessie and his nasty Eldar. His general was Illic (I think) who lets his unit deploy an inch away from his opponent. After stealing the initiative, Illic and his 10 wraithguard with flame templates made pretty short work of each of my units. I got a couple of shots off with my tanks before they were hull-pointed to death, but Jessie made just about every 5+ save he had to roll and my army was getting burned by templates or the two wave serpents. Marbo showed up in turn 2 and took out a bunch of wraithguard with his demo charge, but the rest of my army was shot out from underneath me. My vendetta with my platoon squad and my veteran squad didn't show up and I was tabled at the bottom of two. Ug.

In round four, Eli and I timed out into a draw, but because my first two victories were solid, I Gumped my way into second place.

Now, I'm shifting most of my gears to my White Scars to get ready for the next tournament.