Sunday, January 26, 2014

Refurbished Tanks

For my pre- and post- Heresy White Scars army, I've been refurbishing some old Space Marine Rhinos into other tanks.

This Predator was cobbled together from two different out-of-print rhino bodies. I needed a track set that didn't have the doors glued on so I could magnetize the sponsons for a variety of weapons.

I had a tan tank with no doors and a grey tank with the proper front hull so I carefully pried the tanks apart with an X-Acto chisel blade; and with a little sanding, I was able to re-purpose the treads and hulls into the configuration I needed.

Next, I added some plumbers putty into the tread doors, let it dry, then drilled out a hole for the magnet to rest. I glued on the metal bits to the hull and lined up the magnets for the sponsons. Once the glue is dry, I'll prime most of the tank white and the bolters black and start painting.

The second Rhino is being cobbled into an old Whirlwind. Other than gluing on the treads and metal bits, I don't need to do much conversion. I'll glue magnets to the missile launchers, but I won't have much to do with this model and it'll get a nice dose of primer soon.

Behind it, you can see a crusty Rhino. That was the tank that originally had the metal Predator bits attached. Getting the metal off that chassis was a chore. The previous owner had used a lot of plumbers putty and a generous amount of glue and I don't think I'll be able to do anything this hull except use it as a burned out wreck. I might be able to get two wrecked markers out of it if I'm crafty.