Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bolt Action Web Sites

There are a handful useful Bolt Action Web sites out there, but here are a couple I enjoy reading.

First is the the Demo Gamers. They have an infectious way of writing battle reports and blog entries that makes me want to play more and write more about my games.

Another useful site is boltaction.easyarmy.com There you can build just about any Bolt Action army list you need to play a game. It uses simple check boxes to generate an army list, with all of the options so don't have to do any math, and it creates an easy to read army list. I haven't tried it on my phone yet, but that would be super handy for casual play and pick up games (not that Bolt Action lists are difficult to assemble.)

Even though my army was not painted, I couldn't wait any longer to play with my early war Brits so my buddy Russ and I duked it out on the field of battle this past weekend.

As you can see in the picture, I used the cool battle mat from Frontline Gaming to cover our 6x4 table and added a bunch of yet-to-be-painted houses and buildings from Plasticville to set the scene.

We played two quick 500 point games and I had hot dice in both games. Unfortunately for Russ, I also had great draws from the bag when it came to unit selection.

I won't go into great detail, but I won both games. In both instances, my regular infantry had a hard time wounding Russ's veteran Germans, but with enough pin markers, even the best troops have a hard time passing leadership tests and I kept the German advance in check.

My MVP would go to either my FOO or my Bren carrier with two Bren LMGs. When my FOO called in the artillery, I caused lots of casualties and added 6 pin markers in both games (hot dice.) The Bren carrier also hit quite often, adding pin markers all over the field to keep the Germans from doing much. I also fielded a mortar, probably for the last time. Neither of us had much luck with them and they seem to be a waste of points.