Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mustering troops for Bolt Action

Recently, I've been working on my Bolt Action British early war "Tommies" and getting them ready for war. I'm very close to getting my models on the table for a game and I've been pouring over the rules. (Too many games leaves me with a bunch of mixed-up rule sets in my head...)

When we ordered our armies, my pal Russ also put in an order for some MDF bases for us to use instead of trying to track down GW bases or use the flat style Warlord bases. The MDF bases are nice, light, and have a pleasant smell of burned wood from the laser cutting- not to mention inexpensive.

Before I even took a model out of the package, I was concerned about the little "hump" the Warlord metal minis might produce from the model's base but I've been pleasantly surprised how little you notice after adding some rock, sand and other materials. The rough battlefield I'd like to put on my troops is a perfect camouflage to hide any raised areas or sharp edges.

After filing down flash and seams on the model, I use a model/superglue to adhere it to the base. After that's dried, I spread a layer of PVA glue all over the wood base and the raised base on the actual model (if it has one.) You can see the model in the foreground needs to have his glue spread around before I add rock.

Next, I add a couple of "large" stones, then a few medium size grains of rock, then finish off with fine sand. By working in the order of, least to most, I feel the stone sit securely in the glue and will not flake off in the future.

Then, I give it all a base coat of primer, in this case, it'll be black.