Sunday, November 29, 2015

Recent Paint

This holiday weekend, I managed to wrap up a couple of minis from a new army - and a repainted army.

First, here are my Destroyers for my Cult Mechanicus. I've armed them with grave canons and cognis flamers.

Next is their boss, a Tech Priest Domnius.

I really love both of these models, as-well-as the entire Mechcanius line. I may pick up a second Dominus so I can feature both of their heads. I call this one, "Space Pope 13."

My buddy Kraig and I have been talking a lot about the Horus Heresy line. We've never actually played a game from 30k, we just use our models in regular 40k. I've got about $600 worth of heresy marines primed light blue and ready to be finished as Alpha Legion, but as Kraig and I chatted, we both solidified our love for a few other legions. With the Heresy board game being released, it gave Kraig a chance to pick up a Legion army on the cheap (I bought a few of his extras from him) and we decided to start working on a few Drop Site Massacre armies. Kraig is going to paint up Iron Hands and I'm working Salamanders.

Here's my first repaint of a Rogue Trader marine going from light blue primer from Army Painter to Warpstone Green from GW.