Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tanks-Giving Results

The Tanks-Giving tournament went fairly well and I went 2-1 placing 4th-ish. Marshall went 3-0 winning the tourney's top prize.

I won my first game against Danny and his Tau in a close and nasty slobber-knocker. We played a modified Crusade scenario with 4 objectives in the center of the table and Vanguard deployment. I don't remember the final score, but neither of us had many models left on the table. Danny brought the Tau Ta'unar Supremacy armor super heavy. I was able to tie it up with a librarian and managed to put 5 wounds on it before it finally stomped my model to death.

My second game was a solid loss to Chris and his Tau in a modified Contact Lost scenario. He brought a list that had a Stormsurge and a Ghostkeel unit. He was pretty much in control the whole game and frustrated me with the amount of move, shoot, ignore the rules, and move again shenanigans for which the Tau are known.

In the third match I faced Braden and his Ork and Necron team up in a Tactical Escalation/Relic mash-up. Braden fielded a nasty Forgeworld Ork super heavy tank that was shooting a pie-plate every turn and erasing one or two of my units with a D weapons. I put a hurt on him early and won the game in a lop-sided score, but we played 7 turns and he nearly came back thanks to his flying Necron crescent rolls.

I had a good time but after the third game I realized I forgot to roll my Feel No Pain for Iron Hands the entire tournament. That's what I get for skipping around from army to army and not playing a single force for more than a few weeks in a row.

Quinton won a Betrayal at Calth box set for being the first player to be tabled. I think that was a fun prize for someone who could use a little reinforcements.