Sunday, December 13, 2015

Clipping Forge World Space Marine Should Pads

Here's a little hobby tip on how to properly cut Forge World Space Marine Shoulder Pads from the sprue. While this may seem like a waste of a blog post, I think it may acutally be helpful because the resin from Forge World isn't as easy to work with as the plastic used in regular Citadel miniatures from Games Workshop.

While watching football today, I decided to clip and sand some pre Heresy Forge World MKII space marines. I thought it would be simple work and I was in factory (or assembly line) mode and making quick work through the bag of bits. The home team was winning, I was hyped about the game, and waving super sharp tools around while getting my new models ready for primer.

After clipping, I used a needle file to sand down the seams, flash and rough edges when I discovered that I cut too deep on the shoulder pads and notched the top of the shoulder pads.

Gah! They're ruined! They're expensive! Panic!

What I had done wrong is by placing my wire cutters flush with the back of the shoulder pad, I was actually snapping an extra bit from the front/top of the shoulder pad. This technique works just fine for plastic Space Marine bits, but the extra brittle resin is far less forgiving.

Here's an example of how I was cutting. Don't do this.

What I should have done, is cut the shoulder pad a little above the connection to the sprue, then used a hobby knife to shave off the excess resin down. 

It will take a little extra work, but it'll far less time than having nicked up minis or having to spend another hour or two using green stuff to patch up the gap.

One last tip, be sure to examine your work as your working through your way through a batch of expensive models. Especially if your favorite football team is winning, you're easily distracted, and you have sharp tools in your hand. If not, you'll be spending the next game patching up holes on your tiny little plastic soldiers.