Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Commissar is Coming!

Now that it's winter, I felt compelled to break out my Valhallan Imperial Guard army and give them some time on the table top.

I put out an open challenge on the Gatekeeper 40k League page and Eric answered the call with this Dark Angel Death Wing list. In addition to lots of termies, Eric brought Ezekiel and Belial!

My list was a simple, shooty-blob army with a Company command squad, two veteran squads in Chimeras, an infantry blob behind a defense line, 2 independent basilisks, a hydra (didn't need the air defense), a Vendetta and few other odds and ends.

Neither of had very good dice during the game. Both my psykers periled themselves to death, but Eric lost a unit of terminators to deepstrike mishap on turn 2. After seven turns of Crusade Maelstrom missions, all Eric had left was Ezekiel. 

The Crusade deployment put us basically playing the long way, which was in my favor. Also, when Belial and his terminators deepstruck behind my lines, I got Prescience off and made my shots rending which whittled his deathstar down to a fraction of their fighting power.

The final game score was 7 to 4 in favor of the IG/AM but we both lost our Warlords. I may tune up this list with a tank commander and a Culexus assassin.