Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Da Stompa!

Tonight I broke out and began clipping and assembly of one of my favorite models from Games Workshop, the Ork Stompa.

I never really had enough Space Orks to make a game of Apocalypse worth playing but I've envied the Stompa since it was released a few years back. Since it's just a Lord of War in the current Ork codex - albeit nearly 800 points of model - I thought I should finally add it to my ranks.

I cracked open my new box of over-costed model only to find that the instructions did not have part numbers!? There weren't as many parts as most big models, and there were numbers on the sprue, but not in the instructions. I had a bit of a panic.

Normally, ol' GW is really good about making complex models simple to assemble but without numbers to guide me, I was afraid I was going to be lost.

Luckily, like any Ork Mek, it seems you can pretty easily follow along and get your Stompa slapped together without too much fuss.

My wife and I were watching TV and I thought I could work on it in front of the tube when I got the first, "Don't you have enough models?" question in our marriage. Later I explained the finer points of of Ork culture, like using teef for currency, how red vehicles move faster than non red vehicles, and how the twin gods of Ork faith are brutally cunning and cunningly brutal. She didn't seem to enjoy the finer points of being an Ork from outer space as much as I do.