Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2016 Bugeater GT

A couple of weekends back, the wife and I made the trek to Omaha, Nebraska for the Bugeater Great Tournament. I've been to a few tournaments in Omaha before (Bellevue, actually) but this was my first Bugeater.

After my last GT, I wanted to change things up and bring a more competitive list, at least what I thought was be more competitive. I brought 3 knights, a batch of Eldar scatter bikes, and a Culexus assassin. The knight's Baronial Court is a nice formation, the Eldar jetbikes put out a ton of firepower and move well, and the Culexus was there for the librarian/daemon shenanigans. Good on paper.

My first round was against a fluffy Tzeentch Chaos Daemon army without Fateweaver. My dice were cold, ice cold but I managed to squeak out a victory. I probably would have lost in turn 5 and 6, but turn 7 left me with the win.

My next game was almost a mirror match- 3 Imperial Knights and some IG backup. I started off hot and blew up his home-made shield generator. For some reason, I totally forgot my rules and let my opponent tell me that my Gatling cannon only shoots 6 shots... and I let him bounce around in his shooting phase and firing his guns out of sequence. Those errors earned me a loss. I also played a little to conservatively with my knights and should have pressed in sooner. I think we only made it through turn 4...

In my third game, I faced an Eldar player with a bootleg Vampire (the giant 30 man transport.) It was a close game but I lost. He had a couple of straggler units that I couldn't finish off and he was able to claim more objectives than I could. It was a pretty demoralizing defeat but I ended up winning a Scarbrand in a door prize drawing afterward.

In my fourth game of the day, I played Curt and his Necrons, one of the local guys who also happened to make the trip. It ended being another loss for me, although the game was a lot closer than the final score bore out.

The next morning I was back for round 5 and faced my favorite game of tourney against an AdMech War Convocation. It was a fun game against a great opponent and it was a close one but I managed to take away a win because the game went into extra turns.

Since I'm working on my own Mechcanicus list, I had a lot of first hand knowledge of his force. That's been one of my detriments in playing these big tournaments - not knowing my opponent's force well enough. I have a lot of experience against the local guys but cut-hroat tourney lists are another matter.

In my last game, I played a kid that had a very fun Salamander army; he even converted a Knight out of a dragon/helldrake/action figure kitbash. My dice were super hot and his were ice cold. I can't say that I was a good general this match, but it did give me a 3-3 record, finishing in the bottom third of the bracket.

Also on a positive note, I also made the cut on painting. There were some amazing armies at this tourney and I knew I wouldn't win, but it was flattering to make into the judging table.