Friday, August 19, 2016

Warhammer 40k Old Hammer

One of the many side projects is building a 40k Old Hammer list. I think a Space Marine was among the first minis I ever painted and of course I painted him just like the blue armor and white helmeted chaps on the box.

I still had a handful of the old Rouge Trader models sitting around collecting dust but I recently started assembling an army in earnest about the time the Horus Heresy models from Forge World were released. My plan was to build a real Heresy army out of RT models and I've finally started that ball rolling with these classic minis.

I've got about 2,000 points lined up to build my Ultramarines, complete with Tac squads in rhinos, termies, a librarius conclave, and a land raider. I can almost field a Gladius Strike Force...