Thursday, November 24, 2016

Warhammer 40k - Imperial Agents and Traitor Legions

Ol' Games Workshop has been doing well in the, "fan service" department. Rumors say we'll get two new armies in December (or shortly thereafter), Imperial Agents and Chaos Traitor Legions.

I suspect that the Imperial Agents book will be more of a revision/combination book for the few digital only and outdated codexes - Assassins, Inquisitors, and Sisters. I'm sure they'll add in the Sisters of Silence from the recent Burning of Prospero board game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Militarum Tempestus, Astra Militarum, Grey Knights, or regular Marines units to make a full army.

For the Chaos Codex, I can only assume that we'll see rules like the Space Marine chapters.

The Black Legion will be the generic Ultramarines style army that's flexible enough that most current Chaos armies can play. Death Guard, Emperor's Children, World Eaters, and Thousand Sons will probably have some of the best rules/tactics/formations because they already have rules and units based on the single Chaos god they are devoted to.
I imagine Night Lords will probably get some rules similar to Raven Guard, or perhaps White Scars. Iron Warriors will likely be similar to Iron Hands, and Word Bearers, I feel, are a lot like the Black Templar. Who knows what Alpha Legion will do? Maybe they'll have a bunch of cultists/traitor Guard but I bet it'll probably be awesome.

The thing I think I like the most, GW really seems to be putting the things out that fans want.