Friday, November 18, 2016

What to watch? Warhammer 40k Youtube Battle Reports

When I paint, I like to watch battle reports on Youtube. When I work out on a treadmill, I watch battle reports. Sometimes, I just sit and watch battle reports.

Even when I'm not actually watching batreps and they are playing in the background, I can pick up some helpful tips and rules, especially for armies that I don't own. These are valuable resources that have boosted my game play and certainly help fuel my enthusiasm for playing just as much as reading a Black Library novel or entering a painting competition.

It was a really good week for batreps for me because most of my favorite channels posted videos! Here are my favorites:

Winters SEO: If Winters had a pay to play channel, I'd pay. I love his fluffy, narrative-story driven format. I also love his little sayings like, "Take a bite of the apple" and his love of the game is second to none. I think of all of the players I watch online, I would love to play Winters the most. His channel is at the top of my list and I've probably watched all of his videos several times.

Table Top Tactics: I love the whole cast of players that rotate through the channel and I really enjoy Lawrence's "tactical" tips and knowledge - as well as how he presents on camera. His videos are always fun and he has a great mountain of content - bat reps, list analysis, tactica... He really rivals Miniwargaming for the library of videos. Lawrence, B-Bone, the Colonel, Beard, Pastry Chef... I wish I was on the channel with a nick name.

Geeks 40k: They put out top quality videos and have a lot of fun with the game. The post frequently and have great armies on their channel. They are a good hybrid of narrative-story telling and tactics, but really excel by simply saying out-loud what most gamers are thinking.

StrikingScorpion82: Luke has some of the most thorough bat reps on Youtube. He is quite passionate about the game, narrates nearly every step of the game, and you can hear his excitement with every dice roll. His batreps are probably the longest and I suspect they must take quite a bit of time to record. His terrain and "decoration" is probably the best on any Youtube channel.

What channels do you guys watch?

Remember, many of these guys don't make batreps for a living, but they do make some extra coin from viewers clicking on the ads in their videos. Help these guys out and click on a few ads to help keep these guys making content for us to digest!