Saturday, March 8, 2014

Death Company "Death Star" Tournament results!

Today I played in a tourney with my Blood Angels, "Death Star" list.

It's been in vogue to label nasty units as "star" units because of the original "Death Star" from Star Wars, an nearly impervious weapon of immeasurable power. You'll find Screamer Star, Biker Star, etc. so, I decided to build a Death Company "star" unit, and "Death Star" is really the best name for it.

Here's my army list:

1 Reclusiarch - melta bomb, jump pack
27 Death Company (5 power fists, 12 power swords, jump packs)
5 Scouts with sniper rifles
1 Furioso Dreadnought - Melta, Flamer, Drop pod.

The Reclusiarch joins the Death Company to gain even more cheaty rules.

In the tournament, I went 2-1, with my only lost being very close Relic game.

The first game was with a guy from Kansas City who had maxed out his IG army with heavy weapon squads. I was lucky to get night fight the first turn and ran as fast as I could to his hoard that turtled up in the deployment zone. He had so many models, and so much shooting, we only got to the bottom of turn 2... But I won line breaker, first blood and held a bonus objective for the win. I had about half the Death Star left and probably would have lost most of them in the next round of shooting.

The second game was against his buddy with a Pedro Imperial Fist armored Space Marine list. In the end, he held a 3-point Relic, and I had line breaker and first blood. I almost got him to drop the Relic too but my penetrating hit with a melta bomb on the rear of a Rhino only rolled a 1. I only had my Reclusiarch and one Death Company trooper with a power sword left.

In game 3, I played a kid who just started playing his Necrons. Despite his age, he had a good list and played very well but my Death Company was just too much for him to handle and I was on him before he could do anything about it, with some help from the Night Fighting warlord trait. We had screwy tournament scoring on this battle and I picked up 9 victory points to his 6 victory points.

My buddy Danny and his Dark Eldar fared very and won! With victory points and such, I ended up third or fourth but I rewarded myself with a new Imperial Knight purchase! (I was going to buy it anyway...)