Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Secret Weapon Bases

Last week I ordered an army-sized lot of bases from Secret Weapon miniatures for my Chaos Daemon list and they arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased! They are less expensive than Micro Art's bases and while a few bases had spurs of flash still left along the edges,it was nothing more than you'd find on a regular Games Workshop base.

I couldn't make up my mind on which style of bases I wanted, so I just ended up mixing and matching between desert mesa and desert wasteland. Not having purchased any Secret Weapon materials before, I didn't want to blindly order a theme that might be filled with bubbles and flaws and then be forced to spend hours fixing imperfections on a complex design or base. Now that I'm familiar with the quality, I'm seriously considering ordering the Trenchworks or Flagstone sets for my White Scars.

Tonight I sanded down most of the biker bases, a couple of others and green stuffed my Fateweaver model. Lucha Domo looks on in the background and blankly gives his approval.

I've mentioned before how I have trouble focusing on just one army and finishing up painting all of that factions models. Right now, I'm in the middle of book four of the Horus Heresy novels, "The Flight of the Eisenstein" and all I can think about while I'm reading is getting to work on my White Scars. Except for Orks, the Chaos Daemon army is my second "bad guy" army. I've never really been able to play the antagonists and it's getting hard to work on nameless horrors while reading about the brave and duty-bound Astartes. With the Black Library, GW has really added a lot of flavor and diversity to would could be very vanilla army. Each Space Marine novel I read about, I want to start building an army!