Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Of all of the miniature war games that I have played, Warzone is one of my favorites.

Based on, "The Mutant Chronicles," Warzone is a skirmish level game set in the future where the nations of the world have developed into plant-spanning corporations - plus, add a religious inquisition, an unaligned technarchy, and corrupted mutant/alien horrors and you have a backdrop for a well designed mini game.

Warzone used D20s and unit-by-unit activation that I really liked. For some reason, the D20s made simple math hard and we often found ourselves quickly throwing dice, then trying to add modifiers and figuring out if our role was successful. Also, due to the 20 small faces on the die, sometimes a tricky flick of the wrist could result in a long wait for the outcome of a critical roll as the die spun!

I mostly played Mishima, the Japanese themed army, but I also had a slightly smaller Capital army, as well as the British themed Imperials. I'm tempted to start sorting through boxes in the garage to see if I still have any models!

The leaked images of the new Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard  (nay, Militarium Tempestus) Scion unit reminds of the Imperial corporation army from Warzone. I write that as a high compliment because of my love for Warzone.

Images from 40kWarzone