Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wood Elf Rumors for WHFB

My first army from any miniature war game was Wood Elves for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. They will always have a special place in my heart, but the poor dirt eating and tree hugging elves of Athel Loren have never been a very good army. I have enjoyed playing and painting them, but there hasn't been an edition of WFB that has really favored a guerrilla style army. However, I'm excited for the chance to get play out of a new army book and perhaps get back to painting my Native American themed army.

Recently, some pictures of the new Wood Elves have been popping up online.

I can't say that I'm a fan of the color schemes, but the models are a big improvement from the previous edition. The model on the cover of the WD is allegedly the new Druthu model (with a sword?) and perhaps the other model can be built from the same kit.