Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bike Star and Highlander

Last weekend I played in a small, 1,500 point tourney and went 2-1 with my White Scars.

I tabled my buddy Chris' Wolves in round one (I got the jump on him early and it was just too much for him to come back from - not to mention that he couldn't make a 3+ armor or 4+ cover save to save his model's lives.)

My Khans' unit of regular bikers managed to surround his wolf lord in a true "bikestar" formation and take him out as the last model to be removed from the game. Who ever said the Scars were envious of the Wolf?

The second round I was tabled in turn 3 by an Eldar/Dark Eldar player I never played before. He had classic vehicle spam and got the jump on me early. There wasn't much terrain to hide behind and his flyers move to fast anyway. With his high volume of shots, I couldn't make enough saves and he made pretty short work of army. My Khan in that game whiffed twice on two separate charges against wave serpents/falcons with his thunder hammer. That was 10 consecutive rolls of 1 and 2. I dare you to try to duplicate that feat.

In the third round I fought a long and protracted battle with orks. I scratched a 3-2 victory only scoring secondary objectives of Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, and First Blood. The orks got Line Breaker and Slay the Warlord. The ork player was also the only other player who didn't play allies. I really hate allies and it seems like cheating, but I may have to rethink that if I want to play in more competitive environments.

The things I learned: All my gravity weapons are great against elite armies. Mech armies can steal my lunch and I really need to move the Centurions out in these small battles and just take some regular marines in a rhinos with las/plas/melta. I can't seem to find the side of the dice with 6s often enough against armor with my grav guns and it feels like a waste.

I ran into an old roommate recently and we talked about playing some Doomtown and Highlander -just like the old days when we would spend hours playing CCGs in between games of Warhammer Fantasy. So, I hit eBay and picked up a box of Highlander and a lot of Doomtown cards on the cheap and I'm building a couple of decks to relive the old days. I've got Duncan and Richie decks ready to answer the call of the Quickening!