Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Finished Terrain - Troops WIP

I finished a quick couple of buildings for 40k and other mini games this evening.

These two pieces are mostly for 40k. The green building was made from the box I received an award in and some balsa wood, a wooden plaque and some bits from a Games Workshop building. The water tank is a coffee can covered in bass or balsa wood strips (lots of them) and the metal rings were made from comic book backing boards.

These two house are usually help make up the battle field for my Bolt Action battles. They are house kits from Plasticville and make great generic cottages/houses for European theater battles. They aren't my best work but I plan on donating them to the store so they are likely to get abused or stolen anyway.

I was in a painting frenzy tonight and I knocked out the first base coat of English Uniform and mud on the bases on 25 British Tommies. Next I plan on assembly painting the green helmets and khaki bits, then each troop will get personal attention when I start working on skin and other details. Still hours and hours of work to go on these guys.