Saturday, January 3, 2015

WIP White Scars and Terrain

Here are a few recent things from my painting desk.

This White Scar biker is almost done. I just need to paint the backpack and glue it on and he's ready to ride for the Emperor and the Khan.

I really, really like my cruddy, battle damaged armor. I didn't think I would, and most of my models have nice, clean parade uniforms, but I enjoy the soot, dirt, and chipped paint look on my Scars.
This hut/shanty house was built from an old Christmas gift box. I glued some bass and balsa wood, along with some wood shingles (to act as wood shingles) and I've got a quick little building that might work in just about any futuristic game or dystopian setting. It'll probably be in my WWII tables as well.

Speaking of WWII, I will never play a FOO in Bolt Action again. In two games today, the artillery barrage drifted back into my opponent's control and destroyed another one of my units or was delayed and then shifted away from my troops three times before crashing harmlessly into an open field. I'll probably field the FOO, because my Brits get him for free (along with an order die) but I'm never going to fire off the barrage because of the downside.