Wednesday, August 5, 2015

40k Imperial Knights

Here's a WIP shot of my Imperial Knights; Errant, Paladin, and Crusader.

I have most of the colors blocked out and I'll move on to weathering, shading and dirt after I finish the last of the leg grieves and pads.

However, it turns out, I don't really like playing Imperial Knights.

I've been running just three with a librarian coven on bikes to give them invisibility and any other support telepathy can offer. It's a gross combo, but it's just not fun to play. In maelstrom missions, I actually do ok, or at least I've been pretty lucky with my draws.

Obviously, the librarians are the first to bite the dust. I did have a single psyker jink his way past 14-15 wounds in a row in a game last night. He finally fell after the third round of shooting attacks, but I wouldn't say that three lords of war and an overpowered formation fit my play style.

I like troops. I like lots of troops.

I think if I field these again, I'll just use them as support for my IG, Marines, or upcoming AdMech.