Sunday, August 16, 2015

WIP and ETC Championships

After giving up on my idea of an Imperial Knight army, I'm not sure if I'll sell off my current models or just hang onto them and use them for allies in large point games. I always regret selling most of the models I do get rid of and end up buying more models back.

I've started rehearsal on a new set of radio plays that will be recorded in a September so I haven't had much time this week or last to work on minis or play any games. However, today rehearsal was canceled so I had a little time to work on my loyalist Alpha Legion. Half the army will be for 30k and I'm also making a significantly sized 40k army out of the unpainted marines I had laying around.

Here are some of my Centurion Devastators I've started working on, maybe 50% completed.

I've seen Mark Raley's per-heresy Alpha Legion and I fell in love with the lighter blue/azure color scheme. You can find more of his awesome work at: Marc Raley's Blog

The Europeans seem to dominate the Americans in 40k at the ETC. However, I was pleased to see the list that won was very similar to a list I play, the CentStar.

The ETC format doesn't seem to allow Forgeworld rules - and I really prefer that - and here is the winning list:

ETC Primary Detachment (CAD): Codex Grey Knights, Faction Grey Knights
HQ1-Warlord: Librarian (110): Nemesis Daemon Hammer (5), Psyker ML3 (25) [140]
TROOP1: Strike Squad [110]
TROOP2: Strike Squad [110]
HEAVY SUPPORT1: Nemesis Dreadknight (130): Gatling Psilincer (30), Heavy Psycannon (35), Nemesis Daemon Hammer (5), Personal Teleporter (30) [230]
HEAVY SUPPORT2: Nemesis Dreadknight (130): Gatling Psilincer (30), Heavy Psycannon (35), Nemesis Daemon Hammer (5),Personal Teleporter (30) [230]
HEAVY SUPPORT3: Nemesis Dreadknight (130): Heavy Incinerator (20), Heavy Psycannon (35), Nemesis Greatsword (10),Personal Teleporter (30 )[225]
LOW1: Kaldor Draigo [245]
Total ETC Primary Detachment: 1290 pts
ETC Secondary Detachment (Allied Detachment): Codex Space Marines, Faction Space Marines
HQ2: Chief Librarian Tigurius [165]
TROOP3: Scout Squad (55): Bolter (0) [55]
HEAVY SUPPORT4: Centurion Devastator Squad (190): additional Centurion (60), Omniscope (10), 4 Grav-cannon and grav-amp (80), Hurricane Bolter (0) [340]
Total ETC Secondary Detachment: 560 pts
Total Army Points: 1850

Like I said before, I'm running a similar list with only three CentDevs, and a few other cosmetic differences. It makes me feel pretty good that so similar a list can do well in better hands.