Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rules in Novels for Black Library

When you look at the recent moves by GW with Age of Sigmar and the alterations to 40k with additions like formations, allies changes, rules appearing in White Dwarf or if you make a purchase on the GW website, and a lack of FAQs, it appears that there seems to be an effort to make the game a "forged narrative" and not a game for hard-core tournament players. Heck, even GW canceled the 'ard Boyz tournaments a couple years back.

I can only assume that this is an effort to make the game more accessible to new players and the "beer and pretzel" gamers whom can be easily turned off by the "Win At All Costs" or WAC players.

The Black Library, and specifically the Horus Heresy series, have fueled a lot of sales minis from Forgeworld and sparked a 30k scene. Personally, I know that I've started armies and purchased more minis because I read a cool story and felt compelled to play that army. The Horus Heresy series from Forgeworld are not only gorgeous rule books but they give players a few named characters to add to their forces. However, not every character makes it from the printed novel to the table top.

One thing I'd like to see are some rules for special characters, scenarios, and formations from the novel series printed in the back of the book.

For example, in the back of Horus Rising, points and rules for the mega arachnids could be printed. Maybe two different units and a scenario. A little treat for the faithful readers to help bridge the printed word to the gaming table.

I don't think this game breaking, but it would be another level of immersion into the series. Who knows, perhaps Remembrancers will get some neat rules and folded into someone's Eldar Wraith list, or added to a Gladius Strike Force?

Just my two cents and a wish list.