Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Space Marines - "Ushering" in a New Chapter

I've grown a little bored with my White Scars. They're hard to paint and I get a little anxiety when I think about how many bikes I have left to paint. Plus, they've lost a little of their punch in the new Space Marine codex because they don't receive the extra bonus to their jink save.

But you know who does get that extra bit of cover save? Raven Guard. At least in the first turn...

One of the radio plays I'm in this year is "Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe. Last year's radio play featured three Poe stories, "Cask of Amontillado," "Tell-tale Heart," and "The Black Cat" so I have had a steady diet of gothic imagery from Poe that obviously inspired the Raven Guard. In fact, I have named my Blood Angel dreads after a few Poe characters and I've thought of painting a standard after the Montresor family crest from "Cask."

While at rehearsal (and when my roles are not being rehearsed) I've daydreamed some conversion ideas, army lists, and paint schemes. I think I'm going to use some high elf feathers as a kind of purity seal...

I like fluffy lists and I can't think of a more Raven Guard centric formation that the uber-powerful "Skyhammer Annihilation Force."
Obviously, the assault troops are well within theme and adding drop pods to dev squads makes them feel more in character as well. Adding the Raven Guard rule that jump pack units get to reroll wounds on their hammer of wrath hits really makes this a very attractive formation to field.

Best of all, I find that black is a fun color to paint.

Since a lot of my Scars only have little paint on top of white primer, repainting them won't be a problem. I've never really painted very pale/white skin before, but I don't really see that as a problem. In fact, painting everything in black and white might be a cool look.

Converting my Scars to Ravens seems like an easy swap and an upgrade in tactics. Win-win.

For my 30k Alpha Legion, I purchased a Sicaran Relic tank and assembled it this weekend.

Normally, there's a little bit of flash to scape and sand but this model was very clean. However, I did have a few warped pieces. The baseplate on the main hull was a little off kilter and the two autocannons were less than straight.

The nice thing is, those problems are easily fixed. I microwaved a mug of water for two minutes, gave the piece a quick bath, then gently bent them back into proper shape. The base plate was easy but the guns took two dips in hot water to get it right.