Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flesh Hounds and Instant Mold

As I was putting together my daemon army, I picked up some second-hand Chaos Flesh Hounds online. I thought they were a really good deal but when my package arrived, the models turned out to plain chaos hounds. The Games Workshop Flesh Hounds are now up to about $10 a figure and buying blindly off the Internet to save some cash turned out to cost me more in the end.

Then, on, I saw their review of Instant Mold. It's a flexible, reusable molding material that sets in hot water and can be infinitely reused to create molds of small metal and plastic parts. I thought this might just be the ticket to making some "collars" to turn my dogs into Flesh Hounds.

Following instructions, I made mold of an extra collar (or fins) from an actual Flesh Hound model. After letting it cool, it looked like I had a nice mold to make a few extra fins.

I rolled out some Green Stuff into a little ball and pressed it into my fin mold and viola!

As you can see in the photo, the first attempt has a few rounded edges and I think that I may have pressed the collar into the mold too far so I'll take another try after this piece sets and I file it down.

Obviously the facsimile isn't going to have the detail that the original piece had but I think it's good enough to transform my junk models into something useable - it'll certainly look more like a Flesh Hound. 

Now, I just need to figure what my converted models are going to stand on. It appears there is quite a debate online on how Flesh Hounds should be based: horse bases that come with all the models, 40mm terminator bases, or the rounded biker bases. I like the rounded biker bases, but I'll probably stick with the horse bases, chiefly because I have a ton of them laying around.