Monday, February 24, 2014

Imperial Knights!

I haven't bought an issue of White Dwarf in years but with the teaser images and rule rumors of the Imperial Knights I have read online, I had to pick up the latest issue.

After a quick glance at the rules and fluff, I placed a pre-order for a giant robot of Gothic mayhem!

Not only do the models look amazing, I also like how you can add the Imperial Knights to any army. In fact, they can function as their own army, which I don't think it would fare well, but I love the idea of a titan list with just six models marching across the table, crushing their foes. Normally I build my armies as hoard lists, but it's very tempting to hand over my pay check and scoop up a full "Iron Brotherhood." Maybe the machines will have an insane amount of hull points, like 6 or 8.

However, since I play mostly Imperium armies, just one of these big guys can team up with any of my armies. A red, black and white paint job will also coordinate with just about any of my paint schemes.