Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tournament ReCap

This weekend I played in a small 1,500 tournament and went 1-1-1. I feel like I did much better than my record indicates. I brought my Imperial Guard because my White Scars and Daemons aren't ready for the table top yet.

In my first match up, I faced Marshall, a guy who usually wins most of our local tourneys with his Space Wolves. Instead of his wolves, he brought Tyrnanids that he recently bought from another local gamer. Marshall's dice were hot all game, including spawning the maximum 18 termigants from his Tervigon in the first turn. Despite that, and the fact he went first, I held my own. We played Relic and he quickly swarmed over it, but the gaming time flew by and we only reached the top of turn 3. If I had a chance to take my third turn, I may have been able to pull in a draw, and perhaps even pulled a win in turn 4 or 5 if we had the time to play it out.

My second round opponent was Danny and his Dark Eldar. My IG have always given him fits and today I just had his number. My dice warmed up and my artillery just sat back and plunked his transports early, leaving most of his army left without a ride and trying to run across the battlefield.

My third opponent was Kirk, a veteran player who brought Blood Angels with a couple of Walls of Martyrs. Kirk stole the initiative and blitzed forward. He disabled his landraider loaded with special characters early on and dropped a furioso into my troop line and burned my blob. I fought back, taking out the furioso and slowly disabled his other dreads and remaining troops. Most of the game was spent with both of us throwing haymakers and dishing out lots of punishment but in the end, we each only scored a 3-3 draw. I failed a critical morale test with a squad of veterans who ran off instead of contesting an objective.

Still, I had a great time and I hope I have my Daemons ready for the next tourney.

Here's my list from Saturday:

HQ: Lord Commissar: power sword, camo cloak
HQ: Company Command squad: 3 grenade launchers, officer of the fleet, chimera
1 Platoon Command squad: 3 flamers, melta bomb
1 Infantry platoon: 20 troops including two missile launchers, 2 melta bombs
1 Veteran squad: 3 meltas, chimera, melta bomb
1 Vendetta
1 Lemann Russ with bolter sponsons
2 Basilisks
1 Medusa
1 Defense Line with quad gun.

My tactics:
The Platoon blobbed up and hid behind the defense line with the Commissar and the Commissar's 5 point camo cloak gave the unit a 2+ cover save when they went to ground. The Company Commander ordered them back into action the next turn so the Commissar could fire the quad gun. It's a gimmick trick that I'm sure will be eliminated from the next IG codex.

The Platoon Command Group rode in the Vendetta and would gravchute on objectives and flamer any enemy camping. Plus, they can claim the objective since they are a Troop unit. For a 5 man IG unit, it packs a lot of punch and I'm always surprised how effective these guys are late in the game!