Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Beards are Back! New Dwarfs have arrived!

Today, a new batch of Dwarf models have been released from Games Workshop for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

The new models look great! A hammerer/longbeard dual unit, a giant slayer and a new character, Belegar Irongammer. I don't care for the dual unit boxes. I think there should be more difference between units than the tip of the weapon and flag top. This just perpetuates the fluff myth that people can't tell one dwarf from another!

To spruce up your army, you're going to have to put in some time in the gold mine and mint some coin. The characters are $21 for a single plastic model and the unit is $50 for 10 troops.

Traditionally, new models are accompanied by a new army book, but GW has decided to put some special character rules in the revamped White Dwarf and *not* release an army wide update. At least not yet.

There are a bunch of rumors flying around to explain this - everything from no army books in 9th edition, to simply releasing new minis when they are ready to keep some life pumping into old model lines. The latter makes more sense to me, especially when you consider that you'll also need to buy some White Dwarf issues to get all the rules.

On of my employees and I constantly joke at the store about the proper way to pluralize "Dwarf." In the real world, a group of little people are called, "dwarves." However, GW's writers have proclaimed it, "Dwarfs." Barbie and I always over-emphasize the, 'fs.' I guess GW has copywritten, "Dwarf" (with capital D) and thus "Dwarfs" is the plural form.

My other friends taunt my army with slurs of "beardy," "stunty," or "belly-dragger."

Also of note: Magic the Gathering hosts their "Born of the Gods" Prerelease tournaments. Gaming tables everywhere are going to be packed with paper shufflers.